Monday, December 28, 2015

Importance of the Sacrament

Hey Again! It was great seeing you on Christmas! This week was full of a lot of preparing for the two meetings we had with the mission President here in Puerto Maldonado. We had a Christmas Dinner where we watched ´´freetown´´ ate turkey played a white elephant gift exchange and sang songs and gave testimonies of Christ. In the gift exchange there was one gift that weighed a whole lot. I knew that it would be either a good or a funny gift, so I went for it. I ended up having it at the end, and opened it up to find a pinapple with a face made out of bananas. We also had a devotional with President and all of the new converts of the district.

 In all of these meetings and activities a theme stuck in my head that I can´t get out. President talked about 3 Nefi 11 when Christ comes to America. Every one bows down to him, and he invites them all to come and touch the prints in his side and hands. Every one of the 2500 Nephites in the city. It must have taken all day long. Jesus patiently allowed everyone there to experience what they needed. The took upon them the emblems of His sacrifice. After, they all shouted, falling to the groud again, ´´hosana!´´ which literally means ´´save us now!´´ Christ had come to Europe and had payed for the sins of them all. The Nephites had hear and believed it was true. But, when they actually had the opportunity, which I can hardly imagine or understand, to touch feel and see their Savior, they knew and that´s when they said ´´save us now´´. We in our lives can believe in Christ and what he has done for us, but in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints we have the opportunity to take upon us the same emblems that the Nephites did every week. This week I have learned a little more of the great importance that the Sacrament has in my life. The bread and water that I partake of every week allow me to get to know better my Savior that lives in a different place, but in whom I strive to become like. 

I bought a nativity set from the jungle and a Cusco style one also. They are awesome! Everyone asked my why I was buying it, and I just told them that my mom said it would make my future wife happy. So, my companion bought one too haha. Thank you for your love for me! I am LOVING the mission!!! I hope you have a great week MOM and FAMILY and FRIENDS enjoying the start of 2016! 

Elder Jeffery

Monday, December 21, 2015

Uman Family Is Sealed In The Temple

Well, I`m not going to lie, I am the happiest person alive. I recieved the GRAND news that the UMAN FAMILY after a whole year of being members have been sealed in the Lima Temple for time and all eternity. I am overwhelmed with joy for them! I will send pictures of them. 

This week has been amazing. We were in Cusco for almost the whole week. My companion and I traveled 10 hours to Cusco in a bus, had a meeting with the mission president, and traveled back for 10 hours to Puerto Maldonado. We were done with that bus. 

Before the trip, we had a lesson with Manuel and Laura. We had planned to set a baptismal date for Manuel that day, and before we even talked about baptism, he declared to us that he desires to be baptized. We talked some more, and they expressed to us a few strong problems that they are facing. We passed by the next day early in the morning to give him and her a priesthood blessing. As we finished giving her the blessing, Manuel looked up at us and said he`d felt something strange. Manuel is a tough guy, but as he expressed his desire to put his own hands on the head of his wife, tears ran down his face. As we testified of the blessing of the priesthood he started to weep. This Sunday, he came to church for the first time. 

Man Family is Sealed
I know that this church is true! I know that the blessing of the priesthood are essencial in our lives and we have the right to have them in our homes as members of His church. I`m thankful for a father with the priesthood and for the opportunity to one day have the protection of the priesthood for my future family. Love you MOM and hope you have an amazing Christmas! I love you friends and family and hope you can enjoy the Christmas Spirit by serving others and worshiping the Savior.

Elder Jeffery 

Cusco Missionaries

Hanging with the Pres

Monday, December 14, 2015

Discussion With Monkeys

This week did NOT rain like last week. It was very hot, but honestly I am used to it. It`s still hot and I still sweat a lot, but I just kind of take it now. To update you on Samuel and Jannely, they didn`t come to church this Sunday which truely made us sad. But, they are still with us on doing the paperwork for their mariage and we hope that they can get over their fear of coming to church. Samuel works nights so his challenge is tiredness. I told him a little about Dad`s work and that he also has a similar schedule. Any tips on how to make it easier for him? Jannely is just scared to come for not being there so long in the chapel. We have another couple, Manuel and Laura. Manuel is Investigator, Laura less-active. Manuel has many questions and a lot of them weren`t sincere. We talked to him about it and challenged him to read the Book of Mormon. He called me the next day as he was reading the testimony of Joseph Smith and asked me a few questions. It was great how interested he was. Him and his wife told us that that night they had read for an hour all of Joseph Smith History loosing track of time. The next lesson we had, Manuel told us that he realized that some of the questions he askes us aren`t with real intent, and that he really wants to know these things for himself. He`s been praying to know. He called right before church and said he wouldn`t be  coming. We explained that it`s his choice but that we were honestly sad. Later in the lesson he told us that he wants to come to church next week and felt bad for not coming. He`s changed from doubting everything, to sincere. We are praying that he can understand an answer from God and decided for himself to follow the answer he receives.

This week I did something that I thought I would NEVER do. We met a lady outside of her house a few weeks ago and set an appointment for this week. She invited us to her backyard where she had 3 monkeys in her tree. I was frightened by them because I didn`t know what they`d do, but one jumped onto my shoulder, climbed over to my head resting it`s feet on my shoulders, it started to grab my hair, and search for bugs. I hope it didn`t find any... It grabbed my hand jumped over to my companion and did the same thing. It was crazy! As we taught the lady, the monkey kept jumping on us and playing with us. I`ll send pictures!!

Love you MOM and hope you enjoy the beautiful snow there in Bountiful. Thank you FRIENDS and FAMILY for your prayers and support. 

Elder Jeffery

Monday, December 7, 2015

I`ve Never Seen So Much Water Come Out Of A Cloud

This week was crazy! We taught many people, and many were very excited to come to church on Sunday. We have been focusing a lot on Samuel and Jannely who have planes to get married the 24th and Samuel baptized the 26th. They are expecting a son in February! We started their paperwork today. So, Sunday morning we were praying to leave the apartment and just as we were leaving it started to rain. We hopped in a taxi and it started to pour. I`ll tell you that I`ve never seen so much water come out of a cloud. It was amazing. We ran into Samuel and Jannely`s room and decided to call a taxi to bring us to the chapel. Good idea because as we all walked out of the room we saw reality. The whole road and pathway was completly flooded. There as lightning everywhere! We treaded through water almost up to our knees. It was priceless as we walked into the chapel soaking wet. There were only 35 who could make it to the chapel with the weather conditions. But Samuel and Jannely did it! Their first Sunday. If they could make it through all of that to get to church, I know they can do it when it`s hot.
Well, I`m happy to say that there`ll be rain this week in Puerto so that`s a lot better than the sun!! Love you MOM and hope you have another great week! Love you family and friends! l love it out here! It`s fun and fullfiling! 

Elder Jeffery

Monday, November 30, 2015

I´m Doing Great!

So, I´m doing great! This week has been full of spiritual experiences. I would like to start out with an experience we had in finding people to teach first. We were planning Thursday night, seeing what we were going to do at 2 in the afternoon. We had appointments for every hour but two and were thinking of where we could go. I love planning sessions because it truely testifies of the spirit. I know that the spirit illuminates our minds when we listen. We felt impressed to search for an investigator that the Elders before us were teaching but that had stopped coming to church, and we had honestly only heard of him. At two, on Friday, we went to his house. He was outside and we started talking. We ended up teaching him a lesson in the grass outside his house. When he offered the last prayer, he prayed thanking God for giving him another chance to come to Christ. We are working with a couple, Samuel and Jannely. Samuel isn´t a member, wants to get baptized and Jannely is less active. We went over to set goals to prepare them with marriage. We looked at the list of requirements and me and my companion decided that we know very little about how to prepare to be married. So, we called our ward mission leader. He came over and turns out he knows everything about getting married because he helped his daughter get married. It was perfect! Samuel and Jannely are excited! 

There are honesly so many more experiences this week that I want to share but the time doesn´t permit! Elder Salazar and I have grown to be great friends in this past week. We have plans and goals to help out our investigators and also the missionaries. I love having a companion that helps you in every moment. When you learn to love your companion you learn more about yourself. If you search the best in your companion, you find out you have a lot to improve! But that you have a great example by your side to help you! 

This Christmas is going to be amazing! I am SO excited to share the new video and contact cards of the church, ´´A Savior is Born´´ I have decided that we as missionaries are the star that guides the people. They as the wise men did will ´´regoice when the see the star´´ but will turn their thanks and gifts toward the true importance which is the baby in the manger, Christ the Lord. We guide, feel joy, and adore the Son of God together. We must be obedient so that others can follow us as members of His church! We must be the new stars in the sky that bring them to the manger. 

Love you MOM and FAMILY and FRIENDS and DAD!! Hope you had a great thanksgiving. I forgot that it was thanksgiving until an Elder reminded me at lunch time. Have a great week!!

Elder Jeffery
Elder Salsar

The River


Monday, November 23, 2015


Hey bud! Wow, you are growing up way fast!! Do you remember when I went on my mission? You were 4 years old!! Now you are going to be!! I love you! I have seen a lot of animals! I´ve seen Monkeys, lizards, BIG butterflies, Iguanas, and parrots! 
Love you crazy cat. 
Love buba
Give me some fin, noggin, DUuuuudde YOLO!

That´s How Miracles Work!

Well, this week I received my new companion, Elder Salazar! He was in the mission office for seven months and received the news last week that he´d be coming here to Puerto Maldonado. We´ve been working with a lot of families. We have had success in finding four familes. Now, the struggle is in helping these familes progress! None of them are married, so we are working with them to be baptized and married! The challange is helping them attend church. One couple, Samuel and Janeli are scared to come. Janeli is a less-active member and is expecting in a few months, so she feels very scared to come. We are learning a lot as a companionship about the importance in sharing spiritual experiences with investigators. If we think as members of the church, we have LOTS of spiritual experiences! Many people have never even heard or felt these things. They´ve heard of God, but never experienced what it´s like to worship him. We are trying to share our experiences with others to invite the spirit. We, together with four other elders live on the second floor of an apartment building behind the chapel. We always talk about ways we can strengthen the Elders in the zone and our companionship. We decided to knock on our ´´neighbor´s´´ door and teach them a lesson during companionship study. It´s turned out to be a success practicing teaching them  as if they were investigators. there in the apartment. We give feedback and try improving our teaching skills. 

To answer your questions, I love the zone! We are honestly isolated from the rest of the mission. The whole mission is full of mountains, kind of cold, and not super pretty, but Puerto is way different and definatly not cold. It´s SO hot and I constantly sweat. And there are no mountains whatsoever. We are twelve hours away from Cusco. So, we are pretty tight as a zone here. Everything is done together. We are 14 missionaries here in Puerto and all ten Elders get together to play soccer almost every Monday. We DID do the blindfold walk with the zone, but we don´t have mountains here, so we put it in the back yard of our pension´s house which pretty much looks like a jungle, so it worked out great. One sister was at the end of the rope a few steps away from ending her journey blindfolded. But, she was one of the last, and everyone else before her had let go of the rope. So, the whole zone, in an intent to make her let go, all started clapping and saying, ´´good job!! You finished! You can take your blindfold off!¨ She took it off and realized the mistake she´d taken. Sometimes life is just like that. Our peers pressure us in saying that we´re done. We can rest from our labors because we´ve already gotten far enough. I love serving in the Perú Cusco Mission! I love learning and know that I will be able to take all of the habits that I´ve learned and apply them in my every-day life for the rest of my life! 

Love you MOM and FAMILY and FRIENDS!! Have a great week! Remember that God won´t ever do something for us that WE can do. WE must do what we CAN, and HE´LL finish the rest. THAT´s how miracles work! 

Elder Jeffery

Monday, November 16, 2015

The Fastest Week Of My Life

The time I`ve been in Puerto has honestly been the fastest week of my life. There are a million things to learn and a million things to do. I am so thankful to have an amazing companion, Elder Sosa. We get together very well. We`re always laughing learning and serving. It`s fun. Sadly, He`s ending his mission this Wednesday. I know we were supposed to be here at the same time. We have been working a lot with the leaders here in our branch. We also have been working with a few couples. The first are Samuel and Janeli. Janeli is a member, but hasn`t come to church in a few years. She got together with Samuel and they are expecting to have a kid in a few months. Samuel is super excited to join the church. We are also working with a non member family, Rafael and Pierina. The problem with the two couples is the same challange that we have with all of the couples here. They`re not married. So, we decided to set an appointment with the mayor. We want to see what we can do to cut the costs of getting married by doing service for the city or something so that all of these people get married! The people here are so friendly! I am praying that I can gain their confidence as Elder Sosa has done so well. Today we`re doing a farewell for him, watching a church movie with ice cream. Love you MOM! I wish I could write more experiences because there are so many miracle that happen every day! But, I`ll be sure to next week. We`ve got a lot to do and places to go before my companion returns home. Love you and thank you for honestly giving me the opportunity to live and enjoy the Gospel. 

Elder Jeffery 

Monday, November 9, 2015

FINALLY Arrived To Puerto Maldanado

Well, I FINALLY arrived to Puerto Maldanado on Saturday! It`s 12 hours away from Cusco! My companion came on Thursday because we had Leadership Council with President Harbertson. We did a really cool activity where we hiked up a mountain and they blind folded us. We had to walk on the edge of a cliff with just a rope to hold on to. There were many barriers. Trees blocking the way, direction changes in the rope and many people leading us astray in the path. One offered to help me with his hands. I was sitting there for what seemed like 10 minutes trying to find where the rope continued, so I finally just grabbed his hands to help me. He started laughing and pulled my blindfold off. I looked down to see a long more ways to the end of my journey. Many of us ended up letting go. It was hard! But, it taught us a lesson. I learned that we can truely only trust in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. There isn`t any council, therapy or religion that can replace it. It`s perfect and ALWAYS leads us to eternal life. We must hold on with two hands. If we`ve only one hand on the rope, just that much easier to let go. We`re going to do the same activity with the zone here on Wednesday when we have zone meeting. 

Yes, to answer your question it`s hot here. But, to be honest I`m fine. I haven`t complained once about the climate. It`s hot but it`s humid so I kind of like it. In Calca and Cusco it was dry and the sun burned me, here it`s like I`m in a sauna and tans me more than anything. It is weird at night because I don`t sleep with a blanket or anything. Just a sheet and a fan on my bed side. We study with fans, sleep with fans, and if you`re talking with someone in the room, you`re standing by a fan. Right now there are mangos falling from every tree. Our pension has a mango tree in her back yard. You walk outside, grab a mango and eat it. The food here is way good! It`s fresh and tastes different. We are in a branch here but there are about 100 who attend, so it`s bigger than Calca. We actually have a chapel with a baptismal font. My companion, Elder Sosa is a few weeks away from ending his mission. He is honestly such an amazing elder and has every intent to finish strong. I am very happy to be his companion. We are working with a whole lot of less-active members who are not married. That`s our challange is helping all of these people to get married. I`ve only been here for two days, but I`m excited to learn more! We live in an apartment with four other Elders who live next door to our room. I haven`t had much time to take pictures but I might have one to send. Next week I`ll have more information on how the work`s coming. 

Love you MOM and know that I`m doing GREAT here in the jungle. Love you FAMILY and FRIENDS!!!

Elder Jeffery

Monday, November 2, 2015

Zone Leader Is Transferred

Sooooo, after much time in the wonderful land of Calca, I have been assigned to go to Puerto Maldanado!!! In other words, I`m going to the hottest jungle of the mission! And, I am nervous and excited! I have been humbled to know that I will be serving there as a zone leader. I have heard that the food there is very delicious and that the work there is rough. I`m excited to put my shoulder to the wheel! and most likely sweat a whole lot! 

I will miss all of the amazing members here in Calca. Leonidus baptized his two sons yesterday. It was going to be Saturday, but a few things occured and we had to post pone it to Sunday after church. It was so fullfilling to see a humble father perform his small part, and see God in the process. They were so humble to help clean up the pool and chapel afterwards, and without even mentioning, taking the baptismal clothing to their house to wash it. They brought bananas for all of the members who attended. I learn from them as I teach them. Their examples they have towards us and the members here is powerful. 

In the fast and testimony meeting I was asked to bless the bread and water. I was pondering on my life, and on the eternal plan. I started to feel how truely blessed we are to be in this world. As members gave their testimonies, I felt more and more blessed to have a body of flesh and bone. A body that is like my Father`s. And even still, he gave ME the opportunity to be born in HIS church. I simply prayed as I sat there. The branch president looked at me and gave me the nod to go up and share what was bottled up inside. I was scared what would come out. When I got up I just had to fight my emotions, but I simply talked to God up there on the stand. It wasn`t about me or the crowd or anyone else but Him. I won`t forget that wonderful Sabbath day. 

So, I`m off most likely tomorrow in bus to Puerto. My first trip in a tour bus! My first real trip in the mission! Sister Lady says thank you so much for the heat cool patches and I say thank you so much for the food and baseball and pictures! I love you MOM and FAMILY and FRIENDS. I ponder often what does the Lord see in me? Imperfect, impatient, sinner, me? He sees our potencial and knows our hearts. He loves us and gives us challanges and responsibilities to teach us lessons. He knows what we can do even we don`t think we can. We must do our small part, and he will do the rest. 

Elder Jeffery

Monday, October 26, 2015

How Old Am I?

This week started off with a strike. The government want to rent out all of the touristic ruins including Machu Picchu. They want to allow companies from other countries be in charge of the property, and control the prices for 60 years. I really don`t know why or what but it ended up with a strike. The people live off of tourists in Cusco, so they all got together and decided to protest. There wasn`t a single car, or motorcycle in the street. There were barakades and people in the street making sure no one opened up their stores or used their cars to leave Calca. So it was really quiet for two days. It wasn`t very dangerous here in Calca, but in Cusco we heard it was pretty bad. The first night, all of the go-getting protesters went to Cusco to join the riot. We just walked around visiting members and a few others we could find at home. The people apparently won the vote, and nothing happened with the ruins. 

This week, we have been getting the Quispe Family ready for the baptism of their two sons. We had thought that Alex, their youngest was 8 years old, and would be a ward baptism. They had told us that their sons are 8, 11, and 13 years old, but as we were verifying their birth certificates we found out that they are 9, 12, and 14 years old. Everyone including the parents, kids, and us all looked at one another with face of suprise as we discovered their really ages. The kids were like, ``woah, I am how old?´´ haha. So Alex will be having his Baptismal Interview this week for the baptism on Saturday. We had a great lesson with them about Missionary Work. My companion half way through the lesson felt impressed to teach Alma 32 that talks about the seed of faith, and how we can plant that seed in the lives of our loved ones. I was then impressed to have them close their eyes for a minute and concentrate on the spirit as it puts the name of a loved one in their hearts. They all gave us someone that could one day blossom into a tree of life. We are planning a family night with them and their parents. 

I am anxious but dredding to know what the changes will be this next week. I love Calca. All of the members are joking with me, telling me if I stay another change, I might as well buy my farm. It`s been a great 7 1/2 months, and won`t forget the lessons I`ve learned here in Calca. If I ever have the opportunity to come here with you MOM and FAMILY, Calca would be one of the first stops. Love you MOM and FRIENDS and FAMILY. Keep doing what God wants, and you`ll be happy. 

Elder Jeffery

Monday, October 19, 2015

We Have Such A Great Family

 We have such a great family. Just so you all know, our family is amazing. We DO things together! I`ve had the opportunity to see many families here in the mission, and have learned that I just have to talk about the things that my MOM and DAD taught me or did with me, and there we have a great example of what the people can do to have a successful family. Our example in this life is so impacting.

This week we have been working with the Quispe family, helping Cristian be ready for his baptism in two weeks. The family is so humble and willing to do what God commands. They do things because they love God, and that`s good enough for them. The dad, Leonidus received the Aaronic Priesthood along with his son Brian this Sunday. I always say "munacuni Familia Quispe" when I see them. That`s "I love the Quispe Family" in Quechua. They decided that one year from now they are going to go to the temple as a family. Their faith is strong and helps them see the future with a perfect hope of things not seen. I am glad that I have the opportunity to be in the misison to learn how to repent so that I might bring others to repentance. I don`t know what else to say other than that I know that Jesus Christ lives and loves me. He wants me to obey so that he can give me the blessings. I can`t see the whole future, but I know that He only has useful experiences in store. Because one thing I`m learning all of this week is that sometimes he brings me down so that he can lift me up. I love you MOM and FAMILY and FRIENDS!! 

Elder Jeffery 

Monday, October 12, 2015

The Lost Dog Miracle

Today we went to a waterfall near our house with two other elders in our district. 

We have been teaching a lady named Susana and her 11 year old daughter Analí for a few weeks now. They have been coming to church every Sunday, and even
came to general conference with us. Sisiter Susana worked in a restaurant all day every day and never had time to have a lesson, but decided out of the blue to move, and find a new job to have more free time. So, she took a very noble step and now is living in a humble room and working Monday to Friday. A man from a state in Peru called Ica moved here to Calca this week, came to church and said that he was preparing to be baptized. So, we are very excited for all of these people that I feel God has put in our hands to bring them to repentance.

The son of sister Gavina, the lady that washes our clothes, has recently moved here to Calca to live with the family. He`s a return missionary, but has stopped coming to church with his wife. So, we were talking with the family, and he mentioned that he`d lost his dog and asked if we`d seen it. We said no, and he said that if we`d find it, he`d come to church on Sunday. We laughed, and headed out. He told us the same thing the next day, and as we were walking down the street, we saw his dog enter into a store. We ran over to it and made sure it didn`t escape. We kept it busy eating crackers as we called Sister Gavina to tell her the news. Her son jumped out of his chair and ran down to the store. He came and gave his dog a big hug, instantly inviting us to ice cream, and bought dog food skipping towards the cash register. He looked at us with a big smile and said, ¨a promise is a promise Elders! I`m coming to church on Sunday!!¨ Him and his wife attended church yesterday and all of their sisters and mom bore their testimonies with joy filled tears, happy to have the family united at the chapel. 

Love you MOM and hope you have a great week with the family! I`m thankful for the gospel to help me keep a hope in Christ and know how and what to improve every day. THANK YOU for helping me all these years to make the decision that is changing my life here in the mission field. 

Elder Jeffery

Monday, October 5, 2015

Obedience Helps Us To Be More United

 I`ve decided that General Conference is our semi-annual vacation for missionaries. It`s like going to a drive-in movie for us, but even better! I am so proud of my syblings, honestly. I love you all and smile when I hear of your accoplishments because you are the BEST family I could ask for!! 

I have gotten to know my companion better this week and have grown to love him. He wants to do what`s right and is humbley willing to change for the better. He woke me up the other day to do a work-out program that he has on his USB called insanity. I did some of it, but entered the shower a little early to get to breakfast on time. The next three days I was dead. I decided that I`d stick to my stretching, sit-ups and push-ups to wake me up. He`s from Lima. 

I`m this week that obedience helps us to be more united. It applies in a companionship, district, zone, mission, marriage, family, and any relation we can think of. Jesus Christ and His father are ´one´ in purpose and it was only possible because Jesus Chirst was Öbedient with exactness. So, I feel that I can share this with you and testify that we can become united with the ones we love if we are obedient to God and help others to become more obedient to Him. 

The Quispe Family are so humble and loving. I`m am excited for them! We had a family night where we talked about Tithing. We filled out tithing slips and did an activity to learn how to pay tithing. I asked them why they should pay tithing. The wife, Delfina, who doesn`t understand completely in Spanish simply said in Quechua that God said it, and we must obey. Today, I was sitting in the car to go to Cusco for the zone meeting. I looked over and casually started talking with the man next to me. He was going to Cusco to try to fix his tractor for his farm he has. I told him about who we are and what we do and that we wanted to visit him. He accepted and we offered to help him for an hour on the farm, and talk afterward about our message. We stopped talking for a bit, and I looked down at his hands, and thought about how his life is. I tried to ´see him through God`s eyes´ and thought that if I were him, I`d feel a need to know why I need to work all day and why I`m here working countless hours to finally one day get old and die. I realized how sad that could be to feel insecure about death without a firm purpose of life. I pulled out a pamphlet of the Plan of Salvation and asked him if he wants to know where he`s going after all these years of working in the field. He said he would and I told him there`s an answer in the pamphlet. I honestly don`t know if we`ll ever teach this man, or that he was touched by the words I spoke to him. He read a few pages in the car. I hope we can help him know God`s plan and more than anything am glad for the Holy Ghost that guides someone as weak as I to say the things that Jesus would. Not all will accept this message we have, nor will it reach all of their hearts, but it sure does reach mine, and that helps me understand why I`m here. 

Love you MOM and hope you have a great week!! Love you EVERYONE ELSE also! Until we meet again!!

Elder Jeffery

Monday, September 28, 2015

Red Moon + Missionaries = A whole lot of questions.

My new companion`s name is Elder Herrera. He is a single child and love to draw. We are super different in almost everything, but what I`ve learned in the mission is that God knows exactly who will help me reach my full potential, developing the correct attributes of Chirst slowly learning what He needs me to learn at this time. Elder Herrera has 1 year and 1/2 in the mission. He`s been everywhere in the mission. From literally the coldest hightest mountains of the mission, to the jungle. Our mission has every kind of climate possible, and I`ve stayed in pretty much normal climate the whole time. 

We`ve been visiting The Quispe Family and The Silva Family this week. Both families have been inactive for quite some time, and both families have been coming to church every week. They are both so humble and have a strong love for their families. Leonidus Quispe, the dad said that he had a strong thought come to his mind one night that he needed to return to the church. He woke up at 3am and prayed to His Father in Heaven. The next week, him, his wife, and four children came to church. The Silva Family had problems with other members in the branch, and for years didn`t come. Thanks to our loving Branch President and other members who came to visit the family with us, they felt the spirit, and have decided that they are not turning back. Cristian Quispe, who`s 11 years old, will be getting baptized with his 8 year old brother Alex in a few weeks. We have been praying a lot for Elvis. We all prayed as a zone that he could find new friends. Turns out that this week he had a fight with his friend, and ended up stop hanging out with the group. He wants to come to Seminary to find new friends. We are praying that he too can be prepared to be baptized the same day as Cristian and Alex. 

As I`m sure you all already know, the moon turned red yesterday. Red moon+missionaries= A whole lot of questions from random people in the street about the end of the world. One man came up to us with his video camera asking what our point of view was on the event.... Oh, and I drank the most delicious drink the other day! The Quispe Family made a hot drink with ground up peanuts fresh from the peanut farm? I don`t know how to translate Spanish to English, but it was super good! They heat up the peanut, taking off the hard shell, ground up the peanuts, melt them in the water with cinamon and sugar. You should try it out! 

I love you MOM and love how patient you and the family, ward, and everyone have been so patient with me all these years. Have a great week!!

Elder Jeffery 
Los Beatles Go To Church

welcome to Calca

Welcome to Calca

Monday, September 21, 2015

Eduardo`s Baptism

So, we had planned the baptism to be at three, so we sent out the invitation for 2;45 so that everyone would be on time. I think I gain a testimony this week of how badly satan DOESNT want people to get baptized. Eduardo`s aunt has cancer and got really sick these last few days. Eduardo`s mom was also in problems and Eduardo ended up getting to the chapel at 3;45. He wanted to wait for his mom to get there, and so we waited and at about 4;20 we started. It was going to rain also, but we prayed and it didn`t rain. I was full of a whole lot of stress with them not showing up, and with all of the baptismal preparations. I couldn`t concentrate and asked my companion for a blessing. Just a few hours before, my companion and I decided to sing a hymn for Eduardo in the program. I know that the song we sang was inspired. As we sang the beautiful words, I started to feel the spirit, and it calmed me before I entered the pool with Eduardo. 

SOOO, the news is sad, but true and very surprising! Elder Aguilar is leaving me!! He`s going to Huliacka!! It`s cold there, and in the branch he`s going to is, I believe, the smallest branch in the mission. For example, my friend was there, and was first councilor of the Branch President. So, i know he`ll learn a whole lot there and will do AMAZING. I am staying here in Calca, making it my fifth change here. This change I will have the same time I had in Cusco when I left. So, I have literally stayed in the Cusco region for my whole mission! I`m excited to get to know my new companion and learn so much from him. We can all learn something from those around us. EVERYONE has something to offer, and if we are humble we ALL have something to learn. 

I love you MOM and am glad to know that we are sealed in the temple as a family. Love you family and friends and hope you have  great week! 

Elder Jeffery

Eduardo`s Baptism

Monday, September 14, 2015

"I love the mission!!"

Edwardo is SO excited for his baptism, and so am I!! Thank you all for your many prayers, I know prayer works! Elvis has taken a hard turn, but we will have patience with him. It´s a huge change in friends, habits and beliefs when you join the church, so we´ll just keep helping him make those changes and set a different date for him. I will be there for his baptism. And, those shoes are from Equador from a friend in the mission, but my black shoes also are super small on me.... I have grown!! Wow, it´s crazy to think how many missionaries just from our neighborhood are out serving in the mission field. It makes me happy!!
This week we have been focusing on two less-active famies that haven´t come to church in a few years. The Quispe Family is one of them. They randomly showed up at church with their five kids. It was the first time I had seen them. The members all gave them hugs and welcomed them. We have been teaching them this week, and they came to church again this week. They are such a humble family. The other family is the Silva Family. They haven´t come to church in about two years because of a misunderstanding between them and another familiy in the branch. We came and visited them with the branch president and a few other members. They at first did NOT want to come to church at all. But, with the invitations of the members, their hearts were softened and they came to church this Sunday! It just shows how important and powerful of an influence the members of the church have with the love and attitude they show towards those that need a friend.
Today we came to Cusco to visit Mamicha and her family. I love them so much, and remember all of the great times I had here in Cusco. It seems like forever ago!! I don´t have much else to say but that I love serving the Lord. With obedience come the miracles. I love my MOM and my FAMILY! Have a great week! I love the mission!!
Elder Jeffery

Monday, September 7, 2015

"With the gospel I´ve found that it´s the same life, just more to live for."

It´s been a great week and honestly, I DONT want to leave Calca!! I love it here and have grown so close to the members and those who aren´t members yet! I know it´s God´s will, but if I only have two more weeks in Calca then I´m going to make these last two weeks COUNT! 

We are so excited for Edwardo and his baptism. He is so sensitive the the spirit, and has so quickly been about to trust the quiet voice of the Holy Ghost. He wasn´t going to be able to attend church because he studies english classes in Cusco Saturdays and Sundays. But, his mom told him to go to Cusco to try to find English classes Monday to Friday and so that it´s worth traveling every day, to find an acadamy where he can study and live in an apartment coming home weekends to come to church. So, he went to Cusco and found and English class, but he couldn´t find a single acadamy with that schedule, so he decided he just wouldn´t be able to attend. He got sad and was walking down the street when he felt like he should take a few steps back. He retraced his steps and looked over to see a police acadamy. He entered and turns out it has the perfect schedule. So, he´s SUPER excited for his baptism. He walked all over Calca with us all day visiting everyone. He told me about the military school he was in when he was in High School. He told me that it was the best thing that had happened to him, but then stopped, pausing for a second and said, ¨wait no, it´s the second best thing that has happened to me!¨ I asked him what was the first. He said ¨Getting to know the church of Jesus Christ!¨ 

I love you MOM and am thankful for the gospel in my life. With the gospel I´ve found that it´s the same life, just more to live for. Have a great week family and friends!! 

Elder Jeffery

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Heart Touching

 There are a million things that happened this week, and I do`t even know where to start honestly! Last Monday, our investigator, Edwardo was pondering about the book of mormon, and after honestly seeing many miracles that are happening in his life, and the testimonies he`s seen, still had doubts in his heart that this church is true. So, he opened the book of mormon and read 3 nephi 2:1. That did it for him, and decided to believe the Book of Mormon is true. When we had the next lesson with him, we challenged him to be baptized the 19th of September, and he said that he was going to say no, but in his head something started yelling, Si! Si! Si! so, he accepted! This week more than anything, my testimony of the Book of Mormon has increased. We have been visiting a man and his family for a while now, and were impressed to simply read with them from the begining the book of mormon. His name is Miguel Mamani, and his wife, Rosalina, son Jon, and daughter Melisa, all went to church this Sunday!! Woah, it was so Beautiful to see them there, and they have already made many friends with members. They have recently, 3 months ago, moved here to Calca, so they are excited to make friends. Yesterday, we had a heart touching experience. We were going up to some ruins with a member of the ward, along with four other Elders. She works up on the mountain above the ruins where there`s an elementry school of children who don`t have parents, or who have very little money. It`s amazing, and heart breaking. There`s a  12 year old girl at the school who cooks, and works in the field, feeding the animals for her two younger brothers. We ate breakfast with them, and played some games. We ended up staying there for a few hours doing a service project moving timber up the hill, and all grew to love these children. They said, ¨Come back for Christmas please!!!¨ They all speak Quechua, and most speak Spanish fluently. I`ll send a pic. The sad part of this week was that we had to change pensions. Sister Lady has been honestly such a blessing and such a great help to us as missionaries! But, we had to change pensions because we can`t pension with a young woman in the house hold, and we felt impressioned to accept the invitation that Sister Ana gave us to  pension in her house.  I am so thankful for the Gospel. It`s sad to see return missionaries here in Peru and surely in all parts of the world that return to their houses and become inactive. If we keep the Book of Mormon in our daily lives, and continue make an effort to live the precept that it teaches, our path to salvation will stay straight and narrow. I testify that the Book of Mormon is the word of God and like Joseph Smith, know that a man can grow closer to our savior Jesus Christ by living by it, than any other book. I love this church and love my family. I know WHY i`m on earth and WHERE I want to go thanks to the fullnes of the gopel that has been restored on this earth. LOVE YOU MOM 

Elder Jeffery

Puñui Manta Kashanki

Monday, August 24, 2015

Thank you for brainwashing me into going on a mission!!

The New District 
I´m doing good! I love my companion and we get along SUPER well!! He reminds me a whole lot of Dalton so, yeah, we get along great!! I have plenty of water, don´t worry! Yeah, my pension is LDS and no, I usually go to one of the fifty barber shops around town. Here, you walk out of your house and have a little store with food and house supplies, you have a barber shop, and a restaurant! But, this week I went to my Pension´s mom´s house to cut my hair. She washes our clothes too. I told her how I wanted my hair cut, and we decided that when she opens up her barber shop she´ll name the hair style "Jeffery Fashion" 

We are happy to say that we have set a baptismal date for our Investigator Edson on September 14th!! And, we have been teaching an 18 year-old named Elvis who has had a hard life! His dad abandoned him when he was younger, and has had a group of friends who have lead him down a bad road. He was actually baptized a year ago, but never came to church to be confirmed. We visited him, and he doesn´t like to talk hardly at all, but he told us in the first lessons that he wants to change his life, and needs help. It´s funny because we works with the Branch President and his son, and return missionary, and they treat him like their son and brother. One time we asked him how he´s going reading his Book of Mormon, and he murmered, "I don´t know" and didn´t want to talk about it, saying he forgot to read, but when the Branch President, who has a lot of confidence with Elvis asked him about the book of mormon he said that he´s reading, so he asked what it talks about. Elvis said "It talks about Nephi. Nephi was a prophet." He´s came to church this week, and after we had a lesson with him. He said the closing prayer and in this prayer said quietly "God, I ask you that every day can be as beautiful as this Sunday has been" He as such a sweet heart, and am so excited for him to feel the healing power of the atonement work within him. We set the same date as Edson with him, September 14, but Elvis said he wanted to have his own baptism. So, we said we could do it the 19th of September, but he said that that´s too late, so we settled for the 15th.

This week, I was offered Cow Stomach, or maybe Lamb Stomach, I´m not sure... But, this time, we left before we could try it out... That´s a good and bad thing I guess. Let the Wadley Family know that they are in my prayers. I love you MOM and know this church is true also! Thank you for brainwashing me into going on a mission!! haha I was thinking about when I asked you before leaving if you had brainwashed me into doing this, and it just makes me laugh. I KNOW that I need to be here in Calca Peru to help others repent, and more than anything learn for myself what the atonement is learn how to trust God more in my life!! 

Have a great week and keep those crazy kids in school!!

Elder Jeffery

Monday, August 17, 2015

Miracles Are Real

This whole week we have had the parades and parties of Calca. They`ll be going until Thursday, so this whole week has been hard to find people to teach, because everyone was in the town square. So, we went around to every member and investigator we could find. Today, a member that is working in the carnival, invited us to eat duck that she cooked. It was delicious! This week we were walking in the street when we ran into a kid walking with his pet monkey. That`s a first! I`ve seen people walking their pig, cow, and bull in the street, but first monkey!! We had to take advantage and take a picture. The other pic is with my old district. This change we are in a different district, so it`s sad to say good bye to my friends, but I`m excited to meet and get to know the new people in the new district! 

We have been praying and studying the sabbath day, trying to help investigators to come to church, and understand why it`s important. This week we had a lesson with Edson, and he expressed his concern about Sundays. I looked at him, and asked if he believes that miracles happen in the church of Jesus Christ. He said that he thinks so, but he`d never seen one. So, I told him that miracles are real, and promised him that God would give him the way to come to church if he had the courage to talk with his boss. The next day, he informed us that he would now not be working Sundays, and that it was permanent. I`m so excited for him, and now pray that he can have the same willingness to actually come to church and stay on the path toward eternal life! 

Pet Monkey 
Love you MOM and DAD and hope you save me some pretzels with m&m`s when I get back to the promised land, Bountiful. HAVE A GREAT WEEK!!! 
Thats A Llama

Monday, August 10, 2015

Interesting Buffet

This week I have eaten some pretty crazy stuff. It`s been aninteresting buffet. Some members invited me and my companion to some food in the street, so we accepted. We ate cow intestines and cow utter. Yes, that`s right, cow utter... It wasn`t my favorite. The next day, our pension gave us lomo saltado which is kinda like beef and brocoli but with tomatos and onion, but the beef was replaced this time with pure chicken liver. My companion loves it. I ate it as fast as I could to get it all down. We`ve been seeing our investigators that were progressing start to go astray as the investigators that haven`t been progressing start to progress. Edson didn`t come to church this week, nor did Edwardo. Edwardo, has been reading the book of mormon, and recieved the answer that it`s true! He read a passage that impacted him, and now he just has to find a way to come to church because he`s taking english classes in Cusco. We have been teaching a 17 year old named Elvis also who was baptized, but never confirmed and wants to take the lessons again. He attended this week, and we`re hoping to teach his family this week. We had a lesson with the Yuca Family, who recently started coming back to church. Mario Yuca the father, said that now that he`s back, he is willing to accept whichever calling the receives. He was called as the first counciler of the Elder`s qourem and gave the lesson in priesthood. He lives humbly on the mountain with his family, and works in the fields, but has so much love and confidence in the Lord. I love you all and know that I`m out here because of the example you have all given me. It`s amazing how much diferently you see the world when you start to see from your heart. The spirit guides us in even the smallest things, just trust in Him, even when it seems ridiculous. LOVE YOU MOM!!! 

Elder Jeffery
Talent Show Pic

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Puñui Manta Kashanki

There are a million things that happened this week, and I do`t even know where to start honestly! Last Monday, our investigator, Edwardo was pondering about the book of mormon, and after honestly seeing many miracles that are happening in his life, and the testimonies he`s seen, still had doubts in his heart that this church is true. So, he opened the book of mormon and read 3 nephi 2:1. That did it for him, and decided to believe the Book of Mormon is true. When we had the next lesson with him, we challenged him to be baptized the 19th of September, and he said that he was going to say no, but in his head something started yelling, Si! Si! Si! so, he accepted! This week more than anything, my testimony of the Book of Mormon has increased. We have been visiting a man and his family for a while now, and were impressed to simply read with them from the begining the book of mormon. His name is Miguel Mamani, and his wife, Rosalina, son Jon, and daughter Melisa, all went to church this Sunday!! Woah, it was so Beautiful to see them there, and they have already made many friends with members. They have recently, 3 months ago, moved here to Calca, so they are excited to make friends. Yesterday, we had a heart touching experience. We were going up to some ruins with a member of the ward, along with four other Elders. She works up on the mountain above the ruins where there`s an elementry school of children who don`t have parents, or who have very little money. It`s amazing, and heart breaking. There`s a  12 year old girl at the school who cooks, and works in the field, feeding the animals for her two younger brothers. We ate breakfast with them, and played some games. We ended up staying there for a few hours doing a service project moving timber up the hill, and all grew to love these children. They said, ¨Come back for Christmas please!!!¨ They all speak Quechua, and most speak Spanish fluently. I`ll send a pic. The sad part of this week was that we had to change pensions. Sister Lady has been honestly such a blessing and such a great help to us as missionaries! But, we had to change pensions because we can`t pension with a young woman in the house hold, and we felt impressioned to accept the invitation that Sister Ana gave us to  pension in her house.

I am so thankful for the Gospel. It`s sad to see return missionaries here in Peru and surely in all parts of the world that return to their houses and become inactive. If we keep the Book of Mormon in our daily lives, and continue make an effort to live the precept that it teaches, our path to salvation will stay straight and narrow. I testify that the Book of Mormon is the word of God and like Joseph Smith, know that a man can grow closer to our savior Jesus Christ by living by it, than any other book. I love this church and love my family. I know WHY i`m on earth and WHERE I want to go thanks to the fullnes of the gopel that has been restored on this earth. LOVE YOU MOM

Elder Jeffery

Monday, July 27, 2015

I´m thankful to know that even when the hard times come, He´s there

 I would first like to say that american food is gross. I ate Papa John´s today, and I´ve got a stomach ache so, I think I´ve turned Peruvian... 

This week to be honest has been frustrating, but the work moves on. It´s so sad to see people who have so much potencial in God´s eyes be blinded by their doubts or trials. I´m thankful to know that even when the hard times come, He´s there to tell us it´s ok, and help us to understand the Atonement more fully in our lives. 

Edson had his baptismal interview but still has a few problems with the word of wisdom, so his baptism will have to wait. He´s a great soul with intentions to follow Chirst in his life. He was nervous to have the interview, but after I saw him take a huge breath of relief. We also had an amazing experience this week. We had gone to all of the appointments and NOONE was there, so we went to all of the plan B´s and still Noone. We had the opportunity to have Elder Uceda from the seventy come visit us, and his wife said something that came to my mind in this moment. She said, You always have a plan C, and that´s prayer. So, Me, Elder Aguilar, and our misison leader, Daniel sat down on a bench in the town center and said a prayer. A family came to my mind. We´ve been teaching them for a few weeks. The mom, Soraida and her 12 son, Benjamin are less active members and her 17 year old son Edwardo and husband Percy are not members. Edwardo is reading the Book of Mormon and wants to know more. When we got to the house, they invited us to help them to cook the food and eat with them. We couldn´t resist the offer... haha so, we cooked witht hem, and started eating. Elder Aguilar had previously put his USB in the tv, and during the dinner, the tv. turned on unexpectedly and started playing a video. We all looked around to see who had turned it on, but when we realized that the remote was on the other side of the room on the couch, we all looked in awe to see the video. It was about trials and how we need to keep pushing forward in hard times. The mom teared up as she said that she knows there´s a reason the television had turned on. 

Love you MOM and FAMILY and the pictures were beautiful except the fact that Ezra seriously should STOP growing!!!!! Please Ez, just until I get home. LOVE YOU ALL!!! 

Elder Jeffery 

Monday, July 20, 2015

Talent Show Update

It blows my mind that Curtis has his mission call, that went by SO fast!! Woah! Well, I wish him the best and know he will do great in wherever he`s going! Well, the talent show turned out a hit! We had about 70 people there. Our goal was 100, but we ended up having quite a few non-members and investigators that came. I`ll send the picture of `los beatles` I didn`t end up doing anything with gymnastics because there were so many acts and not enough time, plus I did a standing tuck with a backhandspring the other day, and my whole body hurt after so, haha it`s probably a good thing. Glaciar looks beautiful! I have some news about Machupiccu... I was too late to advise the mission that I would be going up with the group because I didn`t know if it was sure, and so I won`t be going this month. But, it`s alright because Elder Aguilar can`t go either, so we just see if next month, or maybe I go at the end of the misson? I`m not sure.. But I did want to ask if I should take out the money and save it, or if you could just take it back... I don`t know how it works really.

This week a miracle happened. Our investigator Edson has been so prepared for baptism, but something in his life has been stopping him to accept a date to be batized. This week we prayed and fasted for him to be able to tell us what was going on so that we could help him take this crucial step in his life joining his family by joining Christ`s church. We had a lesson with him, and he told us the usual that he`s sure that this is the true church, but isn`t ready right now for baptism, but with the spirit present me and my companion we able to ask him a few simple questions and out of no where he told us what was happening. We set a baptismal date for the 8th of August and he accepted. We are so excited for him, and know that he has truely had a change of heart through the weeks we have taught him. I know that fasting works. It`s amazing how instant the answers come. I personally have been asking and fasting to know how I can be more responsible and become a better missionary. Surely, this week we had a district conference where I made a list of things that the speakers said directly to me of how I can become a better person and missionary. It`s a blessing to know that we are not here on this earth to be perfect, but to learn and grow. I have a testimony that if we humble ourselves and ask God what we might do next, and plan to do it, that he will show us what we can do to improve. We then must pray to him, thanking him for the task and asking what we must do next. Thank you Mom for all of the thing you have taught me. Have a great week!! 

Elder Jeffery

Monday, July 13, 2015


Pitusiray A mountain Calca

Righteous Dog

Hummmmmm what wierd stuff have I eaten lately..... I ate guinea pig yesterday, cow´s heart last week, anndddd yeah, I don´t know it´s all normal to me now so... There are dogs here in Calca also, just about the same as Cusco. There´s one family that come to church every Sunday, and their dog always follows them and stays with them the whole time. It´s the size of bibble, so it just kind of chills under the seats. Pretty rightous dog if you ask me. 

This week we have a talent show in the branch. We set it up with the branch president here to try to bring the branch together as leaders, and show Calca that we CAN do big things! I want to do gymnastics in the show, but who knows how much I can do still.... I´ve got my standing tuck still, but I´m sure my full is completly gone. Oh well.... I haven´t gained hardly any weight, but I´ve lost all flexibility. We have awesome members that are going to do sketches, dances, riddles in Quechua, singing and playing instruments. Daniel (our mission leader), Elder Aguilar, me, are going to sing a song with Frederick playing the guitar. We call ourselves ´´los beatles´´ It´ll be a great activity to bring investigators to get to know the church and what we can do. After, we´ll go to every room of the organizations to talk about what we do as members of the church and way the church is organized. Our goal is to have 100 people there to see the show. 

We have been working with a lot of new and old investigators. One is a young man named Elvis. Elvis was actually baptized but never was confirmed. We have had one lesson with him, and he says we wants to change his life. He has bad influences as friends. He has a great heart, and we hope to help him come to know that he truely can change his life. 

I´m glad that I have these two years to really become converted to the gospel and start the spiritual roots that are completely necessary to stay strong even in the hard times. I learn every day more of pacience, faith, and why it is so important to be worthy of the Holy Ghost. I have much to improve in my life, but I have a testimony that we truely can change in the way that our Father wants. I am thankful for you Mom, and also Dad for the many ways you have helped me to prepare me to come here to serve. It´s the best gift you´ve given me! 

Have a great vacation MOM! and FAMILY!! I hope you meet lots of Canadians eh, and can´t wait to see the pictures! Love you family and friends!! 

Elder Jeffery

Monday, July 6, 2015

Faith and Humility

This Saturday we were walking back from ward council with our pension when we saw giant fireworks in front of us. My pension said ´´´look it`s for your country!´´ That`s when I realized, at the end of the day.... oh, it`s the 4th of July. I´m sorry Americans, I have failed you this year. Turns out the fireworks weren`t for the 4th of July, but it was cool to have a show, and be reminded in Spanish that my country earned it`s independance that day. So, happy 4th of July! 

I have been learning more than anything these past few week about Patience. This week has definatly taught me patience. Not all of the plans we had fell through like we would have liked them. But, as I study and learn of the divine virture of patience, I`m learning that it takes two things to be patient. Faith and Humility. It`s simple, but hard to follow at times. This week has helped me learn to love the plan of salvation a little more. There was a planned meeting with the branch to figure out a talent show that we have been planning with the members to help us receive references by the members bringing people to the show and also to help the branch learn how to work together. The meeting ended up not happening and the people that did come were a few less active memebers and their non member friends that we had invited. So, we ended up watching a video and talking about the plan of salvation. One of the less actives said that her brother had recently passed away, and had been focusing on that he was gone, and hadn`t thought about where he really was and the opportunities she had to help him receive the ordanances he needs. She ended up coming to church this Sunday! I`m glad that the gospel can change us and sometimes simply remind us of things we already know to bring us comfort. I am glad to have a family that loves and supports me in this work. I love you MOM!! Have a great week!!!! Love you family and friends!! 

Elder Jeffery

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Trujillo Temple Dedication

Well, I`m sorry I didn`t write you yesterday! We went on a hike in the morning and when we went to go to internet, we found every single internet place to be filled. We finally found a spot and waited for fifteen minutes for just the page to come up, so our leaders just told us to write today. 

This week has been a great one. We had interviews with President Harbertson (The mission president) on Thursday in our apartment. He went to every sector of the mission to have the interviews. Him, the assistents and his wife all commented that Calca is the prettiest place of the mission. On Sunday, we had the opportunity to see the dedication of the Trujillo temple dedicati
Hike to Water Fall in Calca

on through satalite. As we entered the Stake Center, it was as  if we were entering the temple, so all of the members needed a recommend. There were three sessions of the dedication lasting 2 hours each. As I entered the Chapel, I kept thinking that I didn`t feel like I was in the temple, and wanted to really feel the feeling I have when I  am there. I then remembered that in this moment it wasn`t a temple yet, and in the moment of the dedicatory prayer, the whole feeling of the chapel changed and I knew that even though I was many miles away from the temple that the same spirit was there with me. Then, on Monday, President Uchtdorf came to Cusco! We all got to go again to the stake center Monday night to have an apostle of the Lord give our mission and the stakes here in Cusco blessings and instruction! We didn`t go to where he was, but saw him through satalite as well in the chapel of Urubamba which is the District building of the branch here in Calca. He gave an analogy which really stuck in my mind. He said that the people here in Cusco are like a tree. The roots are bitter and have to be strong, but the fruit that comes thanks to these roots is sweet and delicious. Many here in Cusco are the pioneers of what will be many generations of people in the church. The work here won`t be easy, and many times bitter. But, if we take upon ourselves the hard work, after we have done this, future generations will be able to taste of the sweet fruit of our labors. This reminds me of the Savior and his atonement for us. He didn`t receive thanks from the people or taste of the sweet fruit immediatly after he paid for our sins. The people continued to persecute him and even to the point of taking his life. But, he knew his purpose, and saw further in the future with an eye single to the glory of God. I love my family and know that if we look at every day as another opportunity to get to where we want, and see the ultimate goal we have, we will one day see the many delicios fruits that the Gospel brings in our lives. I love you Mom and pray for the family often. Thanks for teaching me these things and being super AWESOME! HAVE A GREAT WEEK!!! 

Elder Jeffery 

Monday, June 15, 2015

"We only need to do three things..."

I am learning more and more the importance of the rules and commandments we have here in the mission and in our lives. Every single thing the prophet and the leaders of the church say are for our benefit, and teach us if we diligently seek their guidance. A simple thing as following the instruction of writing in your journal or having family night every week has an eternal purpose that brings us closer to God. Everything in this life can be related to God and God can help us in every aspect of our lives. We simply just need to let him do so! I`ve been learning the importance of ^Personal Revelation this week. It`s crazy how long I`ve had the Holy Ghost and never knew how it really can help me! It`s really what you`ve been telling me it is all these years! Woah! We can receive the guidance necessary for our families, investigators, yourselves, and those that we have been called to serve. We only need to do three things... 1) ask God for guidance 2) have faith 3) Keep the commandments of God. 

 Love you and thanks for always writing me MOM! We are working with Edson I think I told you who he is, he has planned to be baptised at the end of this week but we might change the date. We`ll see! No time, but I am glad that every single day if we do our part we learn more of our purpose here on our earthly life, who we were before, and how we can become what God wants us to be. HAve a great week!! 

Elder Jeffery

Monday, June 8, 2015

We Have Two Responsibilities In This Life

To answer your questions, We made cookies, but the turned out brownies.. But, they were delicious brownies so it all worked out! We don`t have a temple in our mission, but they will be dedicating a temple in Trujio which will be the closest temple to us thus far. It`s being dedicated on 21 of this month and we will be able to watch the dedication in the stake center in which will be an extention of the temple on this day, so we don`t have a temple, but soon I will in a way be entering the temple for the dedication! 

Wow, that`s a great story of the power of prayer! It`s amazing what a little prayer and great faith can do! I have been wanting to go fishing lately also! I think there is a river here to do it, but I don`t have fishing gear  so it`s kind of a problem. 

Ezra and Flat Stanley in Bountiful

Elder Jeffery and Flat Stanley In Cusco
This week we worked hard. We tried to match last week which was hard to do. I`ve honestly not been so tired in my life! But, we continued until the end, and even though the appointments often fell through, we always found something to do. We contacted A LOT of people. It`s great to see how many people believe in Christ and have an experience of how Christ has helped them. I`m learning that the people understand the importance of the gospel of Jesus Christ, but only need to be show more and how to live it fully. It`s a hard job and a great responsibiliy. It`s OUR responsibiliy! I`m learning about the life we have here on earth and have come down to the conclusion that we have two responsibilities in this life. 
1) Learn and apply the Gospel of Jesus Christ in our lives
2) Teach others how to learn and apply the Gospel of Jesus Christ in their lives. 

It`s that simple! We love God, so we apply the Gospel. We love others so we share it! 

We have been teaching Edson still and has been assisting church every week. His doubt was about coffee. So, after church, we talked to him about the word of wisdom, and the importance of keeping our bodies healthy. He thought about it and decided that yes, he can keep the word of wisdom. I`m happy to see the progress that he is having and the change of heart. He still has a few doubts and concerns, but as he learns about the gospel, I`m sure he will forget about them, and remember why he`s here on earth. I`m glad to serve every day and learn how to appy in my own life the Gospel. I love you MOM and hope you have a great week full of more miracles! THank you friends and family for the support you give me and the help you give to the missionaries serving in your wards! Keep up the grand work! 

Elder Jeffery