Monday, December 14, 2015

Discussion With Monkeys

This week did NOT rain like last week. It was very hot, but honestly I am used to it. It`s still hot and I still sweat a lot, but I just kind of take it now. To update you on Samuel and Jannely, they didn`t come to church this Sunday which truely made us sad. But, they are still with us on doing the paperwork for their mariage and we hope that they can get over their fear of coming to church. Samuel works nights so his challenge is tiredness. I told him a little about Dad`s work and that he also has a similar schedule. Any tips on how to make it easier for him? Jannely is just scared to come for not being there so long in the chapel. We have another couple, Manuel and Laura. Manuel is Investigator, Laura less-active. Manuel has many questions and a lot of them weren`t sincere. We talked to him about it and challenged him to read the Book of Mormon. He called me the next day as he was reading the testimony of Joseph Smith and asked me a few questions. It was great how interested he was. Him and his wife told us that that night they had read for an hour all of Joseph Smith History loosing track of time. The next lesson we had, Manuel told us that he realized that some of the questions he askes us aren`t with real intent, and that he really wants to know these things for himself. He`s been praying to know. He called right before church and said he wouldn`t be  coming. We explained that it`s his choice but that we were honestly sad. Later in the lesson he told us that he wants to come to church next week and felt bad for not coming. He`s changed from doubting everything, to sincere. We are praying that he can understand an answer from God and decided for himself to follow the answer he receives.

This week I did something that I thought I would NEVER do. We met a lady outside of her house a few weeks ago and set an appointment for this week. She invited us to her backyard where she had 3 monkeys in her tree. I was frightened by them because I didn`t know what they`d do, but one jumped onto my shoulder, climbed over to my head resting it`s feet on my shoulders, it started to grab my hair, and search for bugs. I hope it didn`t find any... It grabbed my hand jumped over to my companion and did the same thing. It was crazy! As we taught the lady, the monkey kept jumping on us and playing with us. I`ll send pictures!!

Love you MOM and hope you enjoy the beautiful snow there in Bountiful. Thank you FRIENDS and FAMILY for your prayers and support. 

Elder Jeffery

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