Monday, October 26, 2015

How Old Am I?

This week started off with a strike. The government want to rent out all of the touristic ruins including Machu Picchu. They want to allow companies from other countries be in charge of the property, and control the prices for 60 years. I really don`t know why or what but it ended up with a strike. The people live off of tourists in Cusco, so they all got together and decided to protest. There wasn`t a single car, or motorcycle in the street. There were barakades and people in the street making sure no one opened up their stores or used their cars to leave Calca. So it was really quiet for two days. It wasn`t very dangerous here in Calca, but in Cusco we heard it was pretty bad. The first night, all of the go-getting protesters went to Cusco to join the riot. We just walked around visiting members and a few others we could find at home. The people apparently won the vote, and nothing happened with the ruins. 

This week, we have been getting the Quispe Family ready for the baptism of their two sons. We had thought that Alex, their youngest was 8 years old, and would be a ward baptism. They had told us that their sons are 8, 11, and 13 years old, but as we were verifying their birth certificates we found out that they are 9, 12, and 14 years old. Everyone including the parents, kids, and us all looked at one another with face of suprise as we discovered their really ages. The kids were like, ``woah, I am how old?´´ haha. So Alex will be having his Baptismal Interview this week for the baptism on Saturday. We had a great lesson with them about Missionary Work. My companion half way through the lesson felt impressed to teach Alma 32 that talks about the seed of faith, and how we can plant that seed in the lives of our loved ones. I was then impressed to have them close their eyes for a minute and concentrate on the spirit as it puts the name of a loved one in their hearts. They all gave us someone that could one day blossom into a tree of life. We are planning a family night with them and their parents. 

I am anxious but dredding to know what the changes will be this next week. I love Calca. All of the members are joking with me, telling me if I stay another change, I might as well buy my farm. It`s been a great 7 1/2 months, and won`t forget the lessons I`ve learned here in Calca. If I ever have the opportunity to come here with you MOM and FAMILY, Calca would be one of the first stops. Love you MOM and FRIENDS and FAMILY. Keep doing what God wants, and you`ll be happy. 

Elder Jeffery

Monday, October 19, 2015

We Have Such A Great Family

 We have such a great family. Just so you all know, our family is amazing. We DO things together! I`ve had the opportunity to see many families here in the mission, and have learned that I just have to talk about the things that my MOM and DAD taught me or did with me, and there we have a great example of what the people can do to have a successful family. Our example in this life is so impacting.

This week we have been working with the Quispe family, helping Cristian be ready for his baptism in two weeks. The family is so humble and willing to do what God commands. They do things because they love God, and that`s good enough for them. The dad, Leonidus received the Aaronic Priesthood along with his son Brian this Sunday. I always say "munacuni Familia Quispe" when I see them. That`s "I love the Quispe Family" in Quechua. They decided that one year from now they are going to go to the temple as a family. Their faith is strong and helps them see the future with a perfect hope of things not seen. I am glad that I have the opportunity to be in the misison to learn how to repent so that I might bring others to repentance. I don`t know what else to say other than that I know that Jesus Christ lives and loves me. He wants me to obey so that he can give me the blessings. I can`t see the whole future, but I know that He only has useful experiences in store. Because one thing I`m learning all of this week is that sometimes he brings me down so that he can lift me up. I love you MOM and FAMILY and FRIENDS!! 

Elder Jeffery 

Monday, October 12, 2015

The Lost Dog Miracle

Today we went to a waterfall near our house with two other elders in our district. 

We have been teaching a lady named Susana and her 11 year old daughter AnalĂ­ for a few weeks now. They have been coming to church every Sunday, and even
came to general conference with us. Sisiter Susana worked in a restaurant all day every day and never had time to have a lesson, but decided out of the blue to move, and find a new job to have more free time. So, she took a very noble step and now is living in a humble room and working Monday to Friday. A man from a state in Peru called Ica moved here to Calca this week, came to church and said that he was preparing to be baptized. So, we are very excited for all of these people that I feel God has put in our hands to bring them to repentance.

The son of sister Gavina, the lady that washes our clothes, has recently moved here to Calca to live with the family. He`s a return missionary, but has stopped coming to church with his wife. So, we were talking with the family, and he mentioned that he`d lost his dog and asked if we`d seen it. We said no, and he said that if we`d find it, he`d come to church on Sunday. We laughed, and headed out. He told us the same thing the next day, and as we were walking down the street, we saw his dog enter into a store. We ran over to it and made sure it didn`t escape. We kept it busy eating crackers as we called Sister Gavina to tell her the news. Her son jumped out of his chair and ran down to the store. He came and gave his dog a big hug, instantly inviting us to ice cream, and bought dog food skipping towards the cash register. He looked at us with a big smile and said, ¨a promise is a promise Elders! I`m coming to church on Sunday!!¨ Him and his wife attended church yesterday and all of their sisters and mom bore their testimonies with joy filled tears, happy to have the family united at the chapel. 

Love you MOM and hope you have a great week with the family! I`m thankful for the gospel to help me keep a hope in Christ and know how and what to improve every day. THANK YOU for helping me all these years to make the decision that is changing my life here in the mission field. 

Elder Jeffery

Monday, October 5, 2015

Obedience Helps Us To Be More United

 I`ve decided that General Conference is our semi-annual vacation for missionaries. It`s like going to a drive-in movie for us, but even better! I am so proud of my syblings, honestly. I love you all and smile when I hear of your accoplishments because you are the BEST family I could ask for!! 

I have gotten to know my companion better this week and have grown to love him. He wants to do what`s right and is humbley willing to change for the better. He woke me up the other day to do a work-out program that he has on his USB called insanity. I did some of it, but entered the shower a little early to get to breakfast on time. The next three days I was dead. I decided that I`d stick to my stretching, sit-ups and push-ups to wake me up. He`s from Lima. 

I`m this week that obedience helps us to be more united. It applies in a companionship, district, zone, mission, marriage, family, and any relation we can think of. Jesus Christ and His father are ´one´ in purpose and it was only possible because Jesus Chirst was Ă–bedient with exactness. So, I feel that I can share this with you and testify that we can become united with the ones we love if we are obedient to God and help others to become more obedient to Him. 

The Quispe Family are so humble and loving. I`m am excited for them! We had a family night where we talked about Tithing. We filled out tithing slips and did an activity to learn how to pay tithing. I asked them why they should pay tithing. The wife, Delfina, who doesn`t understand completely in Spanish simply said in Quechua that God said it, and we must obey. Today, I was sitting in the car to go to Cusco for the zone meeting. I looked over and casually started talking with the man next to me. He was going to Cusco to try to fix his tractor for his farm he has. I told him about who we are and what we do and that we wanted to visit him. He accepted and we offered to help him for an hour on the farm, and talk afterward about our message. We stopped talking for a bit, and I looked down at his hands, and thought about how his life is. I tried to ´see him through God`s eyes´ and thought that if I were him, I`d feel a need to know why I need to work all day and why I`m here working countless hours to finally one day get old and die. I realized how sad that could be to feel insecure about death without a firm purpose of life. I pulled out a pamphlet of the Plan of Salvation and asked him if he wants to know where he`s going after all these years of working in the field. He said he would and I told him there`s an answer in the pamphlet. I honestly don`t know if we`ll ever teach this man, or that he was touched by the words I spoke to him. He read a few pages in the car. I hope we can help him know God`s plan and more than anything am glad for the Holy Ghost that guides someone as weak as I to say the things that Jesus would. Not all will accept this message we have, nor will it reach all of their hearts, but it sure does reach mine, and that helps me understand why I`m here. 

Love you MOM and hope you have a great week!! Love you EVERYONE ELSE also! Until we meet again!!

Elder Jeffery