Monday, January 25, 2016

A Letter From The Brothers

Guess What? Um Um I got a wiggly tooth!!!!! and I got it on Thursday night. Do you have Banana Spiders in the Jungle. I still have a wiggly  tooth I don’t know when my tooth will come out; I have been waiting a long time for my teeth to fall out. I am excited. I heard Banana Spiders are poisons and if one bites you the first time then they  will complete send you to another mission that has no banana spiders in it. but if a banana spider bites you again you could die. so if you have them then you stay away from the banana spiders You could run from them do not bother them. I Love you and I don’t want you to get bit by a banana spider. 
give me some fin knoggen dude YOLO.
Love Ezra

Hi Ezy
Wow!! That`s so cool and crazy that you have a wiggly tooth!! Well, if we have banana spiders here I`ve never seen one, but if I do I will stay away from the banana spiders for sure! I have seen many BIG BUGS here! They are really cool!

Give me some fin knoggen dude YOLO


Monday, January 18, 2016

Me President and Elder Salazar en Cusco this last week

Me President and Elder Salazar en Cusco this last week

On The Path

This week was a good week. It was rainy all week and the climate was fairly cool, so I was happy.  We`re doing a lot of Family History with the people that have returned to the church or the recent converts this year. It`s always a spirtual experience and we are hoping that Samuel can send his dad`s name to the temple along with Jannely`s grandfather`s name to do their work in Lima. We had a fun week, finding a lot of new investigators to teach. One of the families came to church. They are very humble. The dad, Salvador had listened to the missionaries and was going to be baptized before, so years later he is again in the path that God has in store for him and his family. I want to write more, but I`m running out of time, so I will write more next week. I love you MOM and FAMILY.

Monday, January 11, 2016

``The church is very beautiful, like it should be.``

I am sooooo sorry to tell you this, but all of the pictures took at the baptism have been infected with a computer virus so we are trying to fix that this week to send you the pictures of their marriage and baptism next week. 

But, it was a great week! We contacted a man named Josè Luis a few weeks ago and have been visiting him this last week. Josè Luis drives motorcycle taxi for work but his eyes started to stop working for some reason and he ended up loosing a lot of vision. He used all of the money that he had to fly to Lima, have an opporation, and come back. He has been without work for a month or so now, waiting until the doctor tells him he can work in his taxi. He drove in his taxi to Samuel`s baptism! My companion baptized Samuel and as he was going down I guess they weren`t far enough back in the font because Samuel came down and smacked his head on the corner of the font. I was scared he was hurt! But he went under the water and came back up victorious! Jannely was teasing Elder Salazar saying that he was trying to drowned her husband haha It was pretty funny. But, as he left the water my companion said that he started weeping saying that he just wants his mom and family to come to know the truth of these things. The missionaries have come to visit her but she always rejects us. She lives in a different sector than the one we work in. So, little by little I hope by his efforts she can also come to know of the Gospel. 

After the baptism, we went outside with Josè Luis. He tried to turn his motorcycle taxi on, but couldn`t. He then realized that someone had stole his car battery! We knew that he had absolutly no money, and his only hope of work was in his taxi. We decided to pitch in money and buy him a car battery. The branch president helped us out too. Josè Luis came to church yesterday earlier than anyone else. He sat by me and said, ``the church is very beautiful, like it should be.`` We`re reading the book of Mormon with him and he`s praying to know if Joseph Smith is a prophet of God. 

In Sacrament Meeting they assigned me to give a talk. When it was my turn, I had five minutes to give my talk. I had planned to give a talk on Family History. Well, I have given a five minute talk once in my life on Family History, so I decided to repeat. I stood there in silence for three minutes. It was so funny!! The Branch President`s wife was staring at me like I was insane trying to give me signs to start my talk. I just kept looking around. At the end I gave my frase and stated that I think our ancestors stare at us the same way. They look at us like we`re crazy because we still don`t start searching their names to do their work. It was great. After Sacrament Meeting me and my companion had to rush to the bus terminal to head to Cusco. We`re here until Wednesday with a meeting with President. I`m happy to know that I will NOT have to sit in a bus for 11 hours to go back to Puerto, but we`re now and I think from here on out will be flying in a one hour flight to the jungle of Puerto Maldonado. 

I LOVE YOU MOM and thank you for always  writing and helping me be the best I can be! I have learned a lot from you over the years and still learn! I hope to make you proud along with DAD and my Heavenly Father. 

Have a great week FAMILY and FRIENDS!
Elder Jeffery  

Monday, January 4, 2016

Samuel and Jannely Were Married

This week started out with a BANG! Samuel and Jannely were married this Tuesday! It was boring, as the lady up front talked and talked and talked about marriage and the law and blah blah blah, but the BEST part was when they actually gave the brides the opportunity to say something. Samuel and Jannely promised each other to be sealed in the temple one year from now! Afterwards they started thinking and planning when they want to go to the temple with their child that will be born very soon; most likely the first weeks of February! Samuel is very excited for his baptism which will be this Saturday. We are so happy for him and his wife who has been less active for three years. 

Today we went fishing! A member´s uncle has a beautiful property. It´s an open area surrounded by a river and the jungle. I didn´t catch any fish, but my companion caught one and our friend caught five. It reminded me a whole lot of the campgrounds back at home! 

I love you MOM and FAMILY and am excited for this year! It´s going to be a great one! I love serving the Lord in the mission field. I never knew how much I could learn to do and be following the Gospel, but I know that it is truely a blessing to have it in our lives and we should take every opportunity that we have to learn it, live it, and share it with the ones we love. Happy New Years!

Elder Jeffery