Monday, July 27, 2015

I´m thankful to know that even when the hard times come, He´s there

 I would first like to say that american food is gross. I ate Papa John´s today, and I´ve got a stomach ache so, I think I´ve turned Peruvian... 

This week to be honest has been frustrating, but the work moves on. It´s so sad to see people who have so much potencial in God´s eyes be blinded by their doubts or trials. I´m thankful to know that even when the hard times come, He´s there to tell us it´s ok, and help us to understand the Atonement more fully in our lives. 

Edson had his baptismal interview but still has a few problems with the word of wisdom, so his baptism will have to wait. He´s a great soul with intentions to follow Chirst in his life. He was nervous to have the interview, but after I saw him take a huge breath of relief. We also had an amazing experience this week. We had gone to all of the appointments and NOONE was there, so we went to all of the plan B´s and still Noone. We had the opportunity to have Elder Uceda from the seventy come visit us, and his wife said something that came to my mind in this moment. She said, You always have a plan C, and that´s prayer. So, Me, Elder Aguilar, and our misison leader, Daniel sat down on a bench in the town center and said a prayer. A family came to my mind. We´ve been teaching them for a few weeks. The mom, Soraida and her 12 son, Benjamin are less active members and her 17 year old son Edwardo and husband Percy are not members. Edwardo is reading the Book of Mormon and wants to know more. When we got to the house, they invited us to help them to cook the food and eat with them. We couldn´t resist the offer... haha so, we cooked witht hem, and started eating. Elder Aguilar had previously put his USB in the tv, and during the dinner, the tv. turned on unexpectedly and started playing a video. We all looked around to see who had turned it on, but when we realized that the remote was on the other side of the room on the couch, we all looked in awe to see the video. It was about trials and how we need to keep pushing forward in hard times. The mom teared up as she said that she knows there´s a reason the television had turned on. 

Love you MOM and FAMILY and the pictures were beautiful except the fact that Ezra seriously should STOP growing!!!!! Please Ez, just until I get home. LOVE YOU ALL!!! 

Elder Jeffery 

Monday, July 20, 2015

Talent Show Update

It blows my mind that Curtis has his mission call, that went by SO fast!! Woah! Well, I wish him the best and know he will do great in wherever he`s going! Well, the talent show turned out a hit! We had about 70 people there. Our goal was 100, but we ended up having quite a few non-members and investigators that came. I`ll send the picture of `los beatles` I didn`t end up doing anything with gymnastics because there were so many acts and not enough time, plus I did a standing tuck with a backhandspring the other day, and my whole body hurt after so, haha it`s probably a good thing. Glaciar looks beautiful! I have some news about Machupiccu... I was too late to advise the mission that I would be going up with the group because I didn`t know if it was sure, and so I won`t be going this month. But, it`s alright because Elder Aguilar can`t go either, so we just see if next month, or maybe I go at the end of the misson? I`m not sure.. But I did want to ask if I should take out the money and save it, or if you could just take it back... I don`t know how it works really.

This week a miracle happened. Our investigator Edson has been so prepared for baptism, but something in his life has been stopping him to accept a date to be batized. This week we prayed and fasted for him to be able to tell us what was going on so that we could help him take this crucial step in his life joining his family by joining Christ`s church. We had a lesson with him, and he told us the usual that he`s sure that this is the true church, but isn`t ready right now for baptism, but with the spirit present me and my companion we able to ask him a few simple questions and out of no where he told us what was happening. We set a baptismal date for the 8th of August and he accepted. We are so excited for him, and know that he has truely had a change of heart through the weeks we have taught him. I know that fasting works. It`s amazing how instant the answers come. I personally have been asking and fasting to know how I can be more responsible and become a better missionary. Surely, this week we had a district conference where I made a list of things that the speakers said directly to me of how I can become a better person and missionary. It`s a blessing to know that we are not here on this earth to be perfect, but to learn and grow. I have a testimony that if we humble ourselves and ask God what we might do next, and plan to do it, that he will show us what we can do to improve. We then must pray to him, thanking him for the task and asking what we must do next. Thank you Mom for all of the thing you have taught me. Have a great week!! 

Elder Jeffery

Monday, July 13, 2015


Pitusiray A mountain Calca

Righteous Dog

Hummmmmm what wierd stuff have I eaten lately..... I ate guinea pig yesterday, cow´s heart last week, anndddd yeah, I don´t know it´s all normal to me now so... There are dogs here in Calca also, just about the same as Cusco. There´s one family that come to church every Sunday, and their dog always follows them and stays with them the whole time. It´s the size of bibble, so it just kind of chills under the seats. Pretty rightous dog if you ask me. 

This week we have a talent show in the branch. We set it up with the branch president here to try to bring the branch together as leaders, and show Calca that we CAN do big things! I want to do gymnastics in the show, but who knows how much I can do still.... I´ve got my standing tuck still, but I´m sure my full is completly gone. Oh well.... I haven´t gained hardly any weight, but I´ve lost all flexibility. We have awesome members that are going to do sketches, dances, riddles in Quechua, singing and playing instruments. Daniel (our mission leader), Elder Aguilar, me, are going to sing a song with Frederick playing the guitar. We call ourselves ´´los beatles´´ It´ll be a great activity to bring investigators to get to know the church and what we can do. After, we´ll go to every room of the organizations to talk about what we do as members of the church and way the church is organized. Our goal is to have 100 people there to see the show. 

We have been working with a lot of new and old investigators. One is a young man named Elvis. Elvis was actually baptized but never was confirmed. We have had one lesson with him, and he says we wants to change his life. He has bad influences as friends. He has a great heart, and we hope to help him come to know that he truely can change his life. 

I´m glad that I have these two years to really become converted to the gospel and start the spiritual roots that are completely necessary to stay strong even in the hard times. I learn every day more of pacience, faith, and why it is so important to be worthy of the Holy Ghost. I have much to improve in my life, but I have a testimony that we truely can change in the way that our Father wants. I am thankful for you Mom, and also Dad for the many ways you have helped me to prepare me to come here to serve. It´s the best gift you´ve given me! 

Have a great vacation MOM! and FAMILY!! I hope you meet lots of Canadians eh, and can´t wait to see the pictures! Love you family and friends!! 

Elder Jeffery

Monday, July 6, 2015

Faith and Humility

This Saturday we were walking back from ward council with our pension when we saw giant fireworks in front of us. My pension said ´´´look it`s for your country!´´ That`s when I realized, at the end of the day.... oh, it`s the 4th of July. I´m sorry Americans, I have failed you this year. Turns out the fireworks weren`t for the 4th of July, but it was cool to have a show, and be reminded in Spanish that my country earned it`s independance that day. So, happy 4th of July! 

I have been learning more than anything these past few week about Patience. This week has definatly taught me patience. Not all of the plans we had fell through like we would have liked them. But, as I study and learn of the divine virture of patience, I`m learning that it takes two things to be patient. Faith and Humility. It`s simple, but hard to follow at times. This week has helped me learn to love the plan of salvation a little more. There was a planned meeting with the branch to figure out a talent show that we have been planning with the members to help us receive references by the members bringing people to the show and also to help the branch learn how to work together. The meeting ended up not happening and the people that did come were a few less active memebers and their non member friends that we had invited. So, we ended up watching a video and talking about the plan of salvation. One of the less actives said that her brother had recently passed away, and had been focusing on that he was gone, and hadn`t thought about where he really was and the opportunities she had to help him receive the ordanances he needs. She ended up coming to church this Sunday! I`m glad that the gospel can change us and sometimes simply remind us of things we already know to bring us comfort. I am glad to have a family that loves and supports me in this work. I love you MOM!! Have a great week!!!! Love you family and friends!! 

Elder Jeffery