Monday, July 6, 2015

Faith and Humility

This Saturday we were walking back from ward council with our pension when we saw giant fireworks in front of us. My pension said ´´´look it`s for your country!´´ That`s when I realized, at the end of the day.... oh, it`s the 4th of July. I´m sorry Americans, I have failed you this year. Turns out the fireworks weren`t for the 4th of July, but it was cool to have a show, and be reminded in Spanish that my country earned it`s independance that day. So, happy 4th of July! 

I have been learning more than anything these past few week about Patience. This week has definatly taught me patience. Not all of the plans we had fell through like we would have liked them. But, as I study and learn of the divine virture of patience, I`m learning that it takes two things to be patient. Faith and Humility. It`s simple, but hard to follow at times. This week has helped me learn to love the plan of salvation a little more. There was a planned meeting with the branch to figure out a talent show that we have been planning with the members to help us receive references by the members bringing people to the show and also to help the branch learn how to work together. The meeting ended up not happening and the people that did come were a few less active memebers and their non member friends that we had invited. So, we ended up watching a video and talking about the plan of salvation. One of the less actives said that her brother had recently passed away, and had been focusing on that he was gone, and hadn`t thought about where he really was and the opportunities she had to help him receive the ordanances he needs. She ended up coming to church this Sunday! I`m glad that the gospel can change us and sometimes simply remind us of things we already know to bring us comfort. I am glad to have a family that loves and supports me in this work. I love you MOM!! Have a great week!!!! Love you family and friends!! 

Elder Jeffery

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