Sunday, June 28, 2015

Trujillo Temple Dedication

Well, I`m sorry I didn`t write you yesterday! We went on a hike in the morning and when we went to go to internet, we found every single internet place to be filled. We finally found a spot and waited for fifteen minutes for just the page to come up, so our leaders just told us to write today. 

This week has been a great one. We had interviews with President Harbertson (The mission president) on Thursday in our apartment. He went to every sector of the mission to have the interviews. Him, the assistents and his wife all commented that Calca is the prettiest place of the mission. On Sunday, we had the opportunity to see the dedication of the Trujillo temple dedicati
Hike to Water Fall in Calca

on through satalite. As we entered the Stake Center, it was as  if we were entering the temple, so all of the members needed a recommend. There were three sessions of the dedication lasting 2 hours each. As I entered the Chapel, I kept thinking that I didn`t feel like I was in the temple, and wanted to really feel the feeling I have when I  am there. I then remembered that in this moment it wasn`t a temple yet, and in the moment of the dedicatory prayer, the whole feeling of the chapel changed and I knew that even though I was many miles away from the temple that the same spirit was there with me. Then, on Monday, President Uchtdorf came to Cusco! We all got to go again to the stake center Monday night to have an apostle of the Lord give our mission and the stakes here in Cusco blessings and instruction! We didn`t go to where he was, but saw him through satalite as well in the chapel of Urubamba which is the District building of the branch here in Calca. He gave an analogy which really stuck in my mind. He said that the people here in Cusco are like a tree. The roots are bitter and have to be strong, but the fruit that comes thanks to these roots is sweet and delicious. Many here in Cusco are the pioneers of what will be many generations of people in the church. The work here won`t be easy, and many times bitter. But, if we take upon ourselves the hard work, after we have done this, future generations will be able to taste of the sweet fruit of our labors. This reminds me of the Savior and his atonement for us. He didn`t receive thanks from the people or taste of the sweet fruit immediatly after he paid for our sins. The people continued to persecute him and even to the point of taking his life. But, he knew his purpose, and saw further in the future with an eye single to the glory of God. I love my family and know that if we look at every day as another opportunity to get to where we want, and see the ultimate goal we have, we will one day see the many delicios fruits that the Gospel brings in our lives. I love you Mom and pray for the family often. Thanks for teaching me these things and being super AWESOME! HAVE A GREAT WEEK!!! 

Elder Jeffery 

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