Monday, June 15, 2015

"We only need to do three things..."

I am learning more and more the importance of the rules and commandments we have here in the mission and in our lives. Every single thing the prophet and the leaders of the church say are for our benefit, and teach us if we diligently seek their guidance. A simple thing as following the instruction of writing in your journal or having family night every week has an eternal purpose that brings us closer to God. Everything in this life can be related to God and God can help us in every aspect of our lives. We simply just need to let him do so! I`ve been learning the importance of ^Personal Revelation this week. It`s crazy how long I`ve had the Holy Ghost and never knew how it really can help me! It`s really what you`ve been telling me it is all these years! Woah! We can receive the guidance necessary for our families, investigators, yourselves, and those that we have been called to serve. We only need to do three things... 1) ask God for guidance 2) have faith 3) Keep the commandments of God. 

 Love you and thanks for always writing me MOM! We are working with Edson I think I told you who he is, he has planned to be baptised at the end of this week but we might change the date. We`ll see! No time, but I am glad that every single day if we do our part we learn more of our purpose here on our earthly life, who we were before, and how we can become what God wants us to be. HAve a great week!! 

Elder Jeffery

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