Monday, June 8, 2015

We Have Two Responsibilities In This Life

To answer your questions, We made cookies, but the turned out brownies.. But, they were delicious brownies so it all worked out! We don`t have a temple in our mission, but they will be dedicating a temple in Trujio which will be the closest temple to us thus far. It`s being dedicated on 21 of this month and we will be able to watch the dedication in the stake center in which will be an extention of the temple on this day, so we don`t have a temple, but soon I will in a way be entering the temple for the dedication! 

Wow, that`s a great story of the power of prayer! It`s amazing what a little prayer and great faith can do! I have been wanting to go fishing lately also! I think there is a river here to do it, but I don`t have fishing gear  so it`s kind of a problem. 

Ezra and Flat Stanley in Bountiful

Elder Jeffery and Flat Stanley In Cusco
This week we worked hard. We tried to match last week which was hard to do. I`ve honestly not been so tired in my life! But, we continued until the end, and even though the appointments often fell through, we always found something to do. We contacted A LOT of people. It`s great to see how many people believe in Christ and have an experience of how Christ has helped them. I`m learning that the people understand the importance of the gospel of Jesus Christ, but only need to be show more and how to live it fully. It`s a hard job and a great responsibiliy. It`s OUR responsibiliy! I`m learning about the life we have here on earth and have come down to the conclusion that we have two responsibilities in this life. 
1) Learn and apply the Gospel of Jesus Christ in our lives
2) Teach others how to learn and apply the Gospel of Jesus Christ in their lives. 

It`s that simple! We love God, so we apply the Gospel. We love others so we share it! 

We have been teaching Edson still and has been assisting church every week. His doubt was about coffee. So, after church, we talked to him about the word of wisdom, and the importance of keeping our bodies healthy. He thought about it and decided that yes, he can keep the word of wisdom. I`m happy to see the progress that he is having and the change of heart. He still has a few doubts and concerns, but as he learns about the gospel, I`m sure he will forget about them, and remember why he`s here on earth. I`m glad to serve every day and learn how to appy in my own life the Gospel. I love you MOM and hope you have a great week full of more miracles! THank you friends and family for the support you give me and the help you give to the missionaries serving in your wards! Keep up the grand work! 

Elder Jeffery

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