Monday, March 16, 2015

18 Year Old Scoundrels

that hike we got lost on and were on the mountain for the whole day? Well, we redeemed ourselves today, and actually went up the correct side of the mountain! We arrived the the lake that we were trying to find last time, and still had time to come back and have district meeting! This Hike is pretty intense, and straight up the mountain. I wouldn´t have a problem doing it, but since it´s super high altitude, you get really tired realllyyyy fast. But we made sure to bring lots of water and food. This time we were prepared. 

This week I have been studying about the Authority we have. It´s hard to think that us 18 year old scoundrals who get lost in mountains could have the same authority Jesus Christ had. I had the hardest time understanding how i could do anything that could be even close to comparible to the things He did. I´m slowly learning though, that it´s not impossible, and God knows we can do it, maybe sometime we just lack the confidence in ourselves. I don´t have 100% confidence in myself still, but it has grown as I try to exercise my faith in my calling. 

We have been teaching a teenager named Kevin for quite a while now. He´s 16 years old, and his mom and some of his syblings are members. His parents are separated, his dad being Catholic. He lives with his dad. We have seen such a change in him, and can see that he is ready to be baptised and make a convenant with his Father in Heaven. We challenged him to be baptized on the 21 of this month. He accepted, and wants to do everything he can to be ready for this special day. 
 I would love to get the e-mails some way from all these people going on missions!! I don´t know if you could hook me up, but that would be awesome! Love you Mom, and hope your week is FANTASTIC!! I am very very lucky to have you as my Mom. Thank you for reading this to whoever else who might be reading this, and hope you can apply the Gospel of Jesus Christ in your life, and do thing out of pure love for him. Because that´s what He wants, and what we have to give. Have a great week! 

Love, Elder Jeffery 

Fasting For Help With Juana

                                                                     My View of Cusco
                                                              Cusco Mud

                                              Elder Pavon's Birthday
 I want to just share a story to you guys about my fast sunday this week:
I had two people´s names in my mind in my fast this week. One was an investigator named Yenny, and the other a recent convert named Juana. Both are going through challenges in their lives. I asked Heavenly Father if he could just let them be happy. We wanted to do a service project for Juana this Saturday, so we announced it in church, and set a time. After church, we went to go search for a reference that we had received the following week. On our way, we passed Juana´s house, and saw her sitting outside. We went and talked to her, and told her we would be coming by on Saturday to clean up her house, and do whatever we could to make it nice. She said it was ok, so we continued walking up to the reference. After not finding the reference in their house, I remembered that Marco Uman had told me that there was a man from the ward who had an extra room. He had told us a long time ago that he would let us know if it was avalible or not, but we never heard word. I thought we could just go over there to see. His mom answered the door, and said he wasn´t there. As we were going to leave, he appeared from behind us. We asked him about the room. He asked us why we hadn´t asked him sooner, and said that Juana was more than welcome to stay in the room. It´s even right next to the chapel! The great part is that we already planned the service day, and she can move right in on Saturday! 

Thank you for your stories, experiences, and lives to help me improve mine! Have a great week family and friends! LOVE YOU MOM! 
Elder Jeffery