Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Hot Dogs

Letter sent to Dad 

yeah she cooks every meal, and washes our clothes. haha I made omlets though for the last few mornings becasue they eat omlets with hot dog in them. Honestly, I thought the one food i hated I would be getting away from, but sure enough i have eaten more hot dogs in peru than I have in america.  I made my own the other day with tomatos ham and onion. It was wayyyy better. haha she just makes them flat stuffed full of hot dog. haha

? answered

This was something Desmond wrote Angelyn.

No, I don´t play soccer much becasue there are ruins and stuff to see in cusco, but i have once and all the latinos are like whattttttt you can play soccer? haha but in other areas whre there arn´t ruins we will play a bunch. Not as much as I would like though!! haha Uh, we drink Quaker oatmeal fjor breakfast, juiced fruit, and something called Mate, which is like green tea I think... The kind of tea we are allowed to drink. Uh, some people are nice, most people look us like we are f reaks. haha Idk if it´s becasue we are white or missionaries... uh, yeah slowely I am learning spanish the culture the spirit scriptures, but honestly it needs to go a lot faster becasue i have a whole ton of crap to learn. But yeah that´s about it. 


Hi!! So, this week we were challenged by the president to contact twelve families through out the week. In our mission pretty much all of our lessons come from references, and we never contact. So, we have been learning the most effective ways to contact people. It´s hard to transition a fifteen second conversation into asking someone to have a lesson with us, but hey, you just got to do what you got to do. Sometimes I get talking with the people, and forget that I´m supposed to introduce the gospel. haha. Some people are really receptive to our message, and others don´t want anything to do with us. That´s life though. Oh hey, and lately I´ve been using Alma 32 a ton in our lessons. It´s one of my favorite chapters. It´s cool in verse 28 there´s an acranim S.E.E.D. Swell. Enlarge. Enlighten. Delicious. Doesn´t quite work in spanish though. haha The pictures are from a place called Muray. The incans used this method  to grow their crops. There¨s one picture with rocks that have slits in them. THis was a way of irrigation. This week we´ve been trying to find a way to get the Uman Family Married. There are a bunch of requirements that we are trying to filll for them. We want to get them married and baptized before our next change, so we can see their baptism. They don´t have much money, and I was thinking for christmas I could help pay for their marrige. It would be about 15 american dollars I think... Maybe 20? And a pillow and USB too cause I still don´t have those. haha Just let me know what we can do! Love you mom, and whoever else is reading this!! You´re all great examples to me, and keep me going by your experiences. That´s great about Aunilie and Rob! Do you have pics? Telll them ji say Congradulations!!


So, this week was slow and hard. On wednesday I started to get really tired and freezing cold. That night I got about five hours of sleep because I had a fever. That day I just slept all day. I´ve had a stomach ache and diariah since then. I can´t eat much at once, and I feel bad by telling our Pension that I can´t eat her six pounds of food she gives us every meal. I eat little bits here and there, but I can´t eat a lot at once. Buuutttt despite this, we did have something super cool happen this week!! Mamicha ( our pension) bought three cuy (guinea pigs) to eat! I mean live guinea pigs that she just brought in a bag. We played with them for a bit, took pictures and then started preparing them. And by this I mean killing them. haha Mamicha showed me how to hold the poor thing, and I tried my best to pull it the way I was supposed to. She said, ´´Elder! Nooooo like this!´´ as she finished the job. haha After, we dipped them in boiling water and picked off their fur. Elder Matekel and I had an appointment, so the other elders took out the intestines and such. The next day, Sunday, we ate them. Even being sick, and knowing the fact that I was eating what I had seen in metal cages of peoples houses back home, it didn´t taste bad! Honestly, the flavor is quite nice! I´ll for sure send the pictures. The only investigator that I have news about is the family uman. They are still staying strong and getting ready for their baptism and marriage. Their faith is incredible, and I know if they stay this way, their headed to the temple for sure. That´s all for this week. Love you Mom!!! Think about home and everyone every single day! Love, Elder Jeffery

Sunday, November 2, 2014

First Blessing Given In Spanish

So this week has been full of running around from bus terminal to bus terminal helping Elders with transfers get to where they need to be. There were two different sets of six Elders that slept over in our apartment on their way to different areas. The first few days of this week was getting all of them off the bus, moving thier stuff, and using the 10 matresses we now have in our room, to make them beds. One of the new zone leaders told me that this was just training me to be a zone leader. haha. It was cool to meet more elders from the mission! On the mission your trainer is your ´´dad´´ and Elder Matekel had a ´´kid´´ before I came. His ´´kid´´ Elder Enriquez came to say the night. So, I finally met my ´´brother!´´ haha. I actually ended up going and teaching our lessons with him that day, because as the district leader, Elder Matekel had to help everyone get to the apartment. We taught Hermana Maryuri. A 19 year old girl, that is very interested in religion. She knows so much about different religions, and asks some pretty intelligent questions concerning the church. She´s been praying and reading and hasn´t received an answer. Lately, she´s been looking up stuff on the internet about the church, and has been shaken by it. We ended up talking about weird stuff. Mit Romney even came up at a point. So, at the end of the lesson I just simply asked her if she had faith that God would answer her prayers. She said no, and I explained faith a bit and asked if she would pray in faith right there, to see if the church was true. She did. I felt the spirit strongly as she did so, and she started to choke up a bit. I asked her how she felt. She said peace, but she´s still confused if this is an answer or not. Saturday, we taught The Uman Family. The family with the most faith I have ever seen. They´re daughter Dina quit her job so she could start attending church. Her family doesn´t have much money and since their dad Marco has been in the hospital since Saturday, I was a huge sacrifice. They all can feel the spirit in our lessons, and have taken the invitation to be baptized on November 22!!! The parents Marco and Recarda are going to get married this same day before the baptism!! I´m so excited for their decision, and the blessing they are about to receive!  One word that all the missionaries use is ´´freaking´´ The latinos in my room especially. We made a deal that whenever anyone uses the word (which is a lot) we would all punch them. haha It reminds me of ´´flip´´ on the best two years. A woman in my ward named Hermana Leni´s mom is sick with cancer. We fasted for her and her family, and went to the hospital to give her a blessing. The blessing said she would recover. I asked Elder Quispe if blessings always happen as they are said. He told me it depends on if the giver was going by the spirit and hwo much faith the person has. A lady came over right then and asked us to give her husband a blessing. THey were members from another city. We asked who he wanted to give it. He looked around and pointed at me. I was like ohhhh dang it. I don´t know enough spanish to give this random dude a blessing! I told him I didn´t know much spanish. He told me it didn´t matter. which is true. So, I tried my hardest to go by the spirit and give this dude a blessing! It went good! I know I messed up some grammer here and there, but all that matters is it was done, and he received what God wanted for him. I PROMISE next week we will have the coolest pictures for you yet!! 
PS I got my retainer and it fits!!!!!