Tuesday, November 11, 2014


So, this week was slow and hard. On wednesday I started to get really tired and freezing cold. That night I got about five hours of sleep because I had a fever. That day I just slept all day. I´ve had a stomach ache and diariah since then. I can´t eat much at once, and I feel bad by telling our Pension that I can´t eat her six pounds of food she gives us every meal. I eat little bits here and there, but I can´t eat a lot at once. Buuutttt despite this, we did have something super cool happen this week!! Mamicha ( our pension) bought three cuy (guinea pigs) to eat! I mean live guinea pigs that she just brought in a bag. We played with them for a bit, took pictures and then started preparing them. And by this I mean killing them. haha Mamicha showed me how to hold the poor thing, and I tried my best to pull it the way I was supposed to. She said, ´´Elder! Nooooo like this!´´ as she finished the job. haha After, we dipped them in boiling water and picked off their fur. Elder Matekel and I had an appointment, so the other elders took out the intestines and such. The next day, Sunday, we ate them. Even being sick, and knowing the fact that I was eating what I had seen in metal cages of peoples houses back home, it didn´t taste bad! Honestly, the flavor is quite nice! I´ll for sure send the pictures. The only investigator that I have news about is the family uman. They are still staying strong and getting ready for their baptism and marriage. Their faith is incredible, and I know if they stay this way, their headed to the temple for sure. That´s all for this week. Love you Mom!!! Think about home and everyone every single day! Love, Elder Jeffery

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