Tuesday, November 11, 2014


Hi!! So, this week we were challenged by the president to contact twelve families through out the week. In our mission pretty much all of our lessons come from references, and we never contact. So, we have been learning the most effective ways to contact people. It´s hard to transition a fifteen second conversation into asking someone to have a lesson with us, but hey, you just got to do what you got to do. Sometimes I get talking with the people, and forget that I´m supposed to introduce the gospel. haha. Some people are really receptive to our message, and others don´t want anything to do with us. That´s life though. Oh hey, and lately I´ve been using Alma 32 a ton in our lessons. It´s one of my favorite chapters. It´s cool in verse 28 there´s an acranim S.E.E.D. Swell. Enlarge. Enlighten. Delicious. Doesn´t quite work in spanish though. haha The pictures are from a place called Muray. The incans used this method  to grow their crops. There¨s one picture with rocks that have slits in them. THis was a way of irrigation. This week we´ve been trying to find a way to get the Uman Family Married. There are a bunch of requirements that we are trying to filll for them. We want to get them married and baptized before our next change, so we can see their baptism. They don´t have much money, and I was thinking for christmas I could help pay for their marrige. It would be about 15 american dollars I think... Maybe 20? And a pillow and USB too cause I still don´t have those. haha Just let me know what we can do! Love you mom, and whoever else is reading this!! You´re all great examples to me, and keep me going by your experiences. That´s great about Aunilie and Rob! Do you have pics? Telll them ji say Congradulations!!

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