Tuesday, November 11, 2014

? answered

This was something Desmond wrote Angelyn.

No, I don´t play soccer much becasue there are ruins and stuff to see in cusco, but i have once and all the latinos are like whattttttt you can play soccer? haha but in other areas whre there arn´t ruins we will play a bunch. Not as much as I would like though!! haha Uh, we drink Quaker oatmeal fjor breakfast, juiced fruit, and something called Mate, which is like green tea I think... The kind of tea we are allowed to drink. Uh, some people are nice, most people look us like we are f reaks. haha Idk if it´s becasue we are white or missionaries... uh, yeah slowely I am learning spanish the culture the spirit scriptures, but honestly it needs to go a lot faster becasue i have a whole ton of crap to learn. But yeah that´s about it. 

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