Monday, June 1, 2015

Rules = Blessings Leading Us To Perfection

n the world we live in, it`s hard to see our full potential. I look at myself so differently than my Heavenly Father because I see my imperfections not my potential. Humility, Long-suffering, patience, and love are crucial to improve ourselves.

This week has been amazing. Elder Aguilar have been working so hard, and have seen results. I get so along with my companion! As we are working here in ``paradise Calca`` as we call it. 

We went to Ramon Quispe`s house this week, a less active, to see if we could teach him. He said that he had guests over so, we said we could teach him and his guests. He let us in, and introduced us to his friend Hugo Vasquez. We soon found that Hugo had a strong testimony in God and wanted to follow Jesus Christ. We challanged him to be baptized on the 27 of June. He accepted! We hope and pray to have him and Edson baptized the same day. We also taught from the many families we contacted in the street this week, two catholic families. They are both very nice friendly families, but when we challanged them to baptism, they didn`t want to because they are Catholic. That`s alright though. I pray they come to understand the importance of the priesthood authority and the message we bring to them. I am thankful to learn more about my purpose in this life every day. I`ve learned that it doesn`t matter if you are in the mission field or no, but really your attitude toward missionary work. Before, I was scared to contact in the street, and didn`t really want to, but I understand more now, and want to contact. We can gain a real desire to be obedient in this life, and when we gain this desire it sets us free. We don`t see the rules as rules but more as blessings leading us to perfection. Thank you family and friends for preparing me to serve here in Cusco, and I hope to everyone of you to understand the true blessing that obedience brings to us when we desire to obey. I love you MOM have a great week!

Elder Jeffery

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