Monday, May 25, 2015

Busy, Busy, Busy

Wow, honestly, you are the SECOND person to say that same thing about the baptism pic! I am LOVING THE MISSON RIGHT NOW. It´s a little different being all by ourselves here in Calca, but as me and Elder Aguilar call it, we are living in paradise ( I think that´s how you spell it? well, it´s whatever ´´Paraíso´´ is translated into in English...). We are teaching ALL of the investigators Converts and Less-actives from the other Elders´ sector that they closed in Calca, and including ALL of ours. We literally almost have filled every hour of next week with lessons, most of which we don´t know. It´s been hard work, but thats not a bad thing so, we´re loving it. We challanged a man named Edson to baptism this week for the 27 of June. His whole family, his brother and his wife, sister, mom, and dad are all active members in the church. He accepted the date, and now it´s just a matter of time and prayers to help him have a firm testimony. 

Do you remember that family that we were teaching where there son passed away recently? Well, I have been diligently trying to have contact with them, they are all super busy and never home. Yesterday, we were walking when the son of this family (the brother of the son that passed away) came to my mind. I couldn´t stop thinking about him, so we went to his house. He wasn´t there. Right when we were about to leave, a lady told us that he was down at the house of his parents. So, we went down to the house. The mother Amelia, opened the door. She told us no one was home but her. I could see that she still was not in good shape. We were with two other members who were acompaning us and I asked if she had 15 minutes to talk. She said yes and we entered into the house. She expressed the pain that she still feels. We promised her that if she let us come and talk about the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ that she would be able to answer all of the many questions she has. We set an appointment next Sunday. We are praying for her and her family that they can come to know the truth.  

I love you so much MOM and DAD and ANGELYN and MARIAH and EZRA. I learn SO many things every day in the mission, and plan coming home a MAN including the beard! (ok, there are no promises on the beard part..) I love you family and friends and hope you have an amazing week full of learning experiences. Humble yourselves before God and remember that this is a big world, with lots of people that need YOUR help. 

Hasta la próxima semana, 

Elder Jeffery
Me and my companion Elder Aguilar

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