Monday, May 11, 2015

We have the Tools

It was great to see you too!! I hope mother´s day went so great for you! Well, I really don´t have too much to say. I told you about Fredrick, and how Calca is, and that I got your package, and happy mother´s day... What else is there? Wow, that sounds so amazing to be up there in Bear Lake! It´s true. What a beautiful world we live in.

I have been learning a lot about humility. God gives us challenges and downfalls because he loves us. He wants us to to be happy and He knows what we have to change to get there. I have a lot of imperfections. We all have imperfections, but the cructial part isn´t to be perfect, but to simply be humble enough to say that I´m not perfect, and change. It´s all in the action. I can want to change, but that does me know good without trying out my faith. We then, and only then gain a testimony of why we have the challenges we are dealing with and have endured. We will and do endure many hardships as latter day saints, but we also have all of the tools to do it. We have the fullness of the gospel, church leaders, and the Holy Ghost ready to guide and direct us. I hope to apply these things in my life to improve my behavior and attitude. 

I love my family, and love the joy I can feel with them and knowing that God has such a beautiful future prepared for us. I love my MOM and everything that she has done for me to help me become who I am and always see me as who I can become. I am thankful for friends that directed me to do the right and helped me choose to serve in this marvelous work of salvation. 

Until next week Mom and family and friends, 

Elder Jeffery

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