Thursday, May 7, 2015

My 19th Birthday

My birthday was great! They caught me by surprise, crushed eggs on my head and covered me in flour. Not to mention shoving the cake in my face after! Haha I love peruvian Birthdays! Way more exciting that the ones we have in the states!!

Fredrick, the young man we contacted in the street, will be baptized the 15th of May!! We are so excited for him, and I know that it was really God who brought him into our hands. He is so humble and willing to learn and has been learning so much from the book of Mormon. I am excited to continue watching his faith and knowledge of the gospel grow every day. 

Love you MOM and am so glad to have this sweet short time to dedicate my time to the Lord. It´s hard, but that´s alright, I like hard things. It´s amazing the joy we can feel when we really just apply the gospel, and learn to love doing it. Love you family and love reading your experiences in the growth of your testimonies. I know that the lord is blessing us and many others when we are serving him together in this work. 

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