Monday, April 27, 2015

Perfect plan

We went to pisaqa today, which is the second most visited place here disincluding Machupiccu. I`ll send a pic next week because this week we got home late, and have hardly any time to write. BUT tell Ezra I am so proud of him, and Harrison that I am so excited for him! I have time to tell you a story this week:

We contacted a family this week who have been suffering the loss of a loved one. We went to visit them, and they poured their hearts out to us, saying that they just want to know where there son is. He passed away just a few weeks ago. Their son is very interested in the work in the temple, and wants to know more. They are Catholic. I just think how blessed we are to know this perfect plan. It`s perfect. When we explained it to them, I realized how unique and how much sense it really makes. We hope to continue working and helping them this week. 

Love you BOTH and hope you ALL have a great week!! I am more than glad to have an Eternal Family!
Love your son,

Elder Jeffery

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