Saturday, April 4, 2015

We All Have Bad Days

This week was hard at first, honestly us not having any set appointments. But, we ended up making the best of it, and had some success. We are teaching a young lady named Lucy, who is living with a return missionary named Jorge, and all of Jorge´s family. Lucy is very open and knows quite a bit about the church. She says that she has prayed about the church before, and believes it is true. We challenged her to baptism and she accepted. The next lesson we taught the plan of salvation. I don´t know why but I got really nervous to ask them about marriage. I spit out a few words, and finally said ´marriage´. My companion thankfully picked up my slack and laid down the law about everything. They accepted. Jorge will be going to live in an acadamy for a year and a half to become a police man, so we set the goal to get Lucy baptized and in a year and a half, Jorge can return and they can get married. I felt so bad after the lesson, feeling like I couldn´t teach with power or authority. My companion is such a great support, helping me realize that we all have bad days, and I just need to chill out next time, take a breath and say what needs to be said. The next lesson we had went great, and made me realize that sometimes God really brings us down, so he can lift us higher. I remembered the first invitation I made to someone to be baptized. I laughed to myself, and remembered how I´m here to learn not be perfect. ´´mistakes are proof of trying´´ 

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