Saturday, April 4, 2015

I Have Grown A lot

Desmond's response to our question about easter in Peru 
Well, here they have ´´La Semana Santa´´ or The Holy Week which is a tradition of the Catholic Church which concists of a lot of symbolic stuff including my favorite part of eating 12 plates of food for one meal... haha but their way of remembering Christ, and his death. So, since practiclly every one here is Catholic, and celebrate this week. But, I don´t think there are any baskets or bunnys. My comp told me that in his city they have stuff like that, but not much. I don´t know, we´ll see this week what goes down]!

This week was one of the hardest for me. We started out the week, and for what ever reason, I don´t know if I was tired or what, but I just couldn´t get myself to be happy. I felt like I had lead shoes on, and it didn´t help that we hardly had any lessons. But on Thursday, we had Interviews with President. During Interviews, we have a training from the assistents while we wait for the interview. I learned a lot in the training, and helped me a ton! When President Harbertson just looks at you, he can see exactly what you need. It´s amazing. He talked to me for a while, and told me lots of useful things. He told me that he can see that I have grown a lot in the mission (he doesn´t mean by height.. :( haha). He then told me that I might not see it because I live with myself every day ( which is true I don´t see it that much). Then he told me that my mission is like a cake. Some of the ingredients don´t taste very good by themselves. Some of them do. But, you need all of these ingredients to make the cake taste good. He said when I look back at the mission I will see what I´ve really learned and turned into. 

This week has been a little sad, but a good learning experience. We found out that the son of the recent convert Juana, Anderson, has chosen a different path from what we hoped. He had accepted the invitation to be baptised, but has started going off with his friends. I´ve learned this week an important lesson. That is that a lot of the time, it isn´t a substance that people are addicted to, but more they are addicted to their friends. I have seen this concept apply a lot in the mission between our investigators, and between missionaries too. It´s amazing to see how one person can change the whole group or attitude of the group for better or worse. I was reading the Liahona of the last general conference we had. One of the quoram of the seventy talked just about this. The reason of why we should do the things we do. I think it´s called ´´the way we look´´ or something like that... But, I loved what he said about Jesus Christ. He explains that the reason Jesus came was to do the will of the Father. It´s simple, but sometimes not easy to follow. We´re not here in the mission, nor earth do our own will either. I´m soooooo excited for GENERAL CONFERENCE!! I remember before the mission, I would sleep through a good portion of General conference.... But, now it´s honestly better that Christmas!!! I hope you can all enjoy it as much as I am going to. We are so blessed to have such amazing inspired men so easily accessed! Even all the way over here in Peru!! 

Love you family and friends and Mom! Sounds like you are very busy and I like that!! A return missionary came home this week named Nefi. He instantly came over to us freaking out because he didn´t know what to do. haha ok, have a great week, and stay YOU. 

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  1. I have such a tremendous respect for the Harbertsons! They were in my home ward when I was growing up. They are good people and obviously are touching so many hearts in their desire to serve. Andrea Groen