Monday, April 20, 2015

Meeting Fredrick

Wow, I saw everyone writing ´´happy birthday´´ and realized that wow, my birthday was in two days!! My companion asked me when my birthday was on Saturday. I told him, and he counted the days, and said, hey, your birthday is in five days!! I had no idea!!

This week was so full of so many spiritual experiences I can´t even count them all!! I will tell you one. We were walking to eat dinner at night after a lesson in the almost empty street light by a few damp street lights. There was a young man walking behind us on the sidewalk. From one second to another, I had a strong feeling that made me turn around and contact the young man. I started talking to him, and found that he has my age, and was walking to his house. We talked like we were already friends, and when we got to his house, set an appointment with him. When we came back to his house a few days later, we talked and explained more about who we are and what we do. He explained that he wanted to learn more and believe more in God. I told him that I knew we were supposed to be with him and told him about the feeling I had to talk to him. He then told us that he had been praying that same night, and felt as if he should walk down that street. His name is Fredrick. On Sunday, he came with us to church, and even participated in the classes! I´m so excited for him, and hope he can continue following this path he´s taken. 

Elder Cuba and I talked in church this Sunday. I talked about the Resurrection and how to receive a testimony and be more grateful for this miracle that Jesus Christ performed. Elder Cuba talked about the importance or temples. We came to Cusco this week again, and played soccer but next week we are going to Pisaq which are some crazy cool ruins. I just love climbing mountains to look at big rocks. Totally my new hobby. 
 Before I forget, Mom, I hate asking you, but I don´t have money, and I need to buy acne stuff for my face because it´s gotten kinda bad. I don´t need a lot. I don´t know if I can use my card that you gave me? I don´t know, I´ll try. I hate asking you for money, but if it´s possible it would help a lot. 

I am so thankful for all of the birthday wishes!!! I feel so grateful to have all of these people that care for me, and I hop ethat you can all have a great week! I am so thankful for this WORK!!! 
Love you MOM!! 

Elder Jeffery

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