Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Here in Calca

First, to answer your questions.... Things are WAY different, I guess that´s why they call it a "change". I have a pension and she is an exact copy of Chan Swan, my boss at Flip´s. We had hot dogs once for breakfast, but they were pretty good! I actually rode a llama to my next sector... NAH just kidding, I took a bus for about 50 minutes to my next sector. I met a lady on the bus going there, and she talked about the Book of Mormon, giving her one to read. When I got off the bus, I riding alone, didn´t see the elders anywhere, so I called my zone leaders and they just told me to wait. So, I waited, an old man came up to me patting me on the head asking where the other young man was. haha Obviously he had seen the Elders always walking in pairs. Anddddddd, to answer your last question.... I actually forgot my retainer and my pillow... Wow, that´s not new... But, I´m actually in Cusco right now, us coming last night because part of our zone is here, so I will be traveling here a lot to come to conferences and such. So, I´ll have all my stuff I forgot in no time. 

Wow, I am SO happy to hear about your family night you had with the missionaries and the Rohers! If I could, I would have been there in a split second! I know that you were meant to have this experience together to help you become closer as a family. And a giant THANK YOU FOR THE AMAZING POSTER!!!!!! I totally put that on my camera to have forever!!! 

I know I have a ton to learn from the time here in Calca. It´s a HUGE change for me. Everything in Cusco was work work work and we always had something to do or somewhere to go. Now, it´s more like, hey, what should we do today? I know that out of the many things I have to learn, Patience is one of them. My companion is so Christ-like. He´s always worrying about how I am and if he can do something for me. It catches me off guard, but he has already taught me to always be thinking of others. I will send a pic of my sector. It is sooo beautiful. It´s very flat, Huge change, and every way you look, there are HUGE mountains in the back ground. There is a beautiful river that flows through the very peaceful city, and they hardly use cars, just ´´moto taxis´´ Motorcycles with a cart on the back to ride in. haha It´s pretty fun. 

I´ll send more pics nextg week. Love you MOM and all of the family and friends that mean so much to me. Thank you for all of your support. Love, 

Elder Jeffery

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