Wednesday, April 15, 2015

First Change

Hey Dad, I missed eating chilly cheese fries with you this priesthood session.... Butttt,,, I did eat chicken foot soup, so that´s kind of close, right? Love you Dad, and hope you can have a great week. Just know that you do so much for me and our family. YOU ARE MY HERO
 Soooooo, the results are in! I actually have a change!!! It´s crazy, I am actually leaving my area! I´m am headed to Calca which is only about an hour away from where I am in bus. Last week I think I sent a picture of that mountain I climbed for the second time and sent a picture with an elder in all blue. His name is Elder Cuba, and turns out he is my new companion! The mountain we climbed will be in my sector! He was in the CCM with me at the same time, and is from Lima! So, we have pretty much the same amount of time in the mission! SOOO excited!! I love that guy!! 

Conference like I stated before, is better than Christmas. I´m already waiting till the next one. There were so many great talks, I can´t even pick a favorite!! Now, the hard, and most important part... we have to APPLY what we learned! I know I have a TON to improve!!

Today for my friend´s last day in the mission, Elder Shumacher, we played Rugby. It was super fun! As a zone, we bought soccer jerseys and they are HILARIOUS! I´ll send a picture. This week we had the chance to go out with the Johnsons, senior missionaries, who help families with members. We had a lesson with the Uman Family including their dad, and even their brother who isn´t a member. It will be hard to leave behind this amazing family, but I know they are in good hands with Elder Pavon staying in Cusco. 

We have been teaching a man named José for quite a while now. He is married to the sister of the bishop, but isn´t a member. He said he has had many missionarys, but none of them have convinced him yet to be baptised. I decided that I wouldn´t convince him, but I sure knew of a book that could change his mind. He´s a super interesting man, and I respect him a lot for his point of view. He is very open, and loves learning. Last week, he asked me about faith. He says it´s hard for him to understand what is faith but everyone seems to say they have ´´faith´´. So, we gave him Alma 32 to read. He diligently accepted the challange, and read the chapter 2 times. When we came back, he explained the chapter fully and said he had actually learned a lot about faith  from this chapter. So, I asked him if he thinks faith is enough to show our love or thanks to God. He thought about it for a while, and said that no, he didn´t think so. So, we gave him 2 nephi 31 to read and study. I hope in this manner, he´ll learn to have confidence in the book that solves all of the questions we have in our souls. 

Well, I´m sad that I won´t be able to see Eva´s and Kevin´s baptisms next week, but I´m very happy for them, and hope they continue changing their lives through Jesus Christ. Well, Love you family and friends!! I´ll send a pic of Calca when I get there! It´s BEAUTIFUL!! Have a great week! I LOVE YOU MOM!!! 

Love, Elder Jeffery

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