Monday, July 20, 2015

Talent Show Update

It blows my mind that Curtis has his mission call, that went by SO fast!! Woah! Well, I wish him the best and know he will do great in wherever he`s going! Well, the talent show turned out a hit! We had about 70 people there. Our goal was 100, but we ended up having quite a few non-members and investigators that came. I`ll send the picture of `los beatles` I didn`t end up doing anything with gymnastics because there were so many acts and not enough time, plus I did a standing tuck with a backhandspring the other day, and my whole body hurt after so, haha it`s probably a good thing. Glaciar looks beautiful! I have some news about Machupiccu... I was too late to advise the mission that I would be going up with the group because I didn`t know if it was sure, and so I won`t be going this month. But, it`s alright because Elder Aguilar can`t go either, so we just see if next month, or maybe I go at the end of the misson? I`m not sure.. But I did want to ask if I should take out the money and save it, or if you could just take it back... I don`t know how it works really.

This week a miracle happened. Our investigator Edson has been so prepared for baptism, but something in his life has been stopping him to accept a date to be batized. This week we prayed and fasted for him to be able to tell us what was going on so that we could help him take this crucial step in his life joining his family by joining Christ`s church. We had a lesson with him, and he told us the usual that he`s sure that this is the true church, but isn`t ready right now for baptism, but with the spirit present me and my companion we able to ask him a few simple questions and out of no where he told us what was happening. We set a baptismal date for the 8th of August and he accepted. We are so excited for him, and know that he has truely had a change of heart through the weeks we have taught him. I know that fasting works. It`s amazing how instant the answers come. I personally have been asking and fasting to know how I can be more responsible and become a better missionary. Surely, this week we had a district conference where I made a list of things that the speakers said directly to me of how I can become a better person and missionary. It`s a blessing to know that we are not here on this earth to be perfect, but to learn and grow. I have a testimony that if we humble ourselves and ask God what we might do next, and plan to do it, that he will show us what we can do to improve. We then must pray to him, thanking him for the task and asking what we must do next. Thank you Mom for all of the thing you have taught me. Have a great week!! 

Elder Jeffery

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