Monday, July 13, 2015

Righteous Dog

Hummmmmm what wierd stuff have I eaten lately..... I ate guinea pig yesterday, cow´s heart last week, anndddd yeah, I don´t know it´s all normal to me now so... There are dogs here in Calca also, just about the same as Cusco. There´s one family that come to church every Sunday, and their dog always follows them and stays with them the whole time. It´s the size of bibble, so it just kind of chills under the seats. Pretty rightous dog if you ask me. 

This week we have a talent show in the branch. We set it up with the branch president here to try to bring the branch together as leaders, and show Calca that we CAN do big things! I want to do gymnastics in the show, but who knows how much I can do still.... I´ve got my standing tuck still, but I´m sure my full is completly gone. Oh well.... I haven´t gained hardly any weight, but I´ve lost all flexibility. We have awesome members that are going to do sketches, dances, riddles in Quechua, singing and playing instruments. Daniel (our mission leader), Elder Aguilar, me, are going to sing a song with Frederick playing the guitar. We call ourselves ´´los beatles´´ It´ll be a great activity to bring investigators to get to know the church and what we can do. After, we´ll go to every room of the organizations to talk about what we do as members of the church and way the church is organized. Our goal is to have 100 people there to see the show. 

We have been working with a lot of new and old investigators. One is a young man named Elvis. Elvis was actually baptized but never was confirmed. We have had one lesson with him, and he says we wants to change his life. He has bad influences as friends. He has a great heart, and we hope to help him come to know that he truely can change his life. 

I´m glad that I have these two years to really become converted to the gospel and start the spiritual roots that are completely necessary to stay strong even in the hard times. I learn every day more of pacience, faith, and why it is so important to be worthy of the Holy Ghost. I have much to improve in my life, but I have a testimony that we truely can change in the way that our Father wants. I am thankful for you Mom, and also Dad for the many ways you have helped me to prepare me to come here to serve. It´s the best gift you´ve given me! 

Have a great vacation MOM! and FAMILY!! I hope you meet lots of Canadians eh, and can´t wait to see the pictures! Love you family and friends!! 

Elder Jeffery

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