Monday, July 27, 2015

I´m thankful to know that even when the hard times come, He´s there

 I would first like to say that american food is gross. I ate Papa John´s today, and I´ve got a stomach ache so, I think I´ve turned Peruvian... 

This week to be honest has been frustrating, but the work moves on. It´s so sad to see people who have so much potencial in God´s eyes be blinded by their doubts or trials. I´m thankful to know that even when the hard times come, He´s there to tell us it´s ok, and help us to understand the Atonement more fully in our lives. 

Edson had his baptismal interview but still has a few problems with the word of wisdom, so his baptism will have to wait. He´s a great soul with intentions to follow Chirst in his life. He was nervous to have the interview, but after I saw him take a huge breath of relief. We also had an amazing experience this week. We had gone to all of the appointments and NOONE was there, so we went to all of the plan B´s and still Noone. We had the opportunity to have Elder Uceda from the seventy come visit us, and his wife said something that came to my mind in this moment. She said, You always have a plan C, and that´s prayer. So, Me, Elder Aguilar, and our misison leader, Daniel sat down on a bench in the town center and said a prayer. A family came to my mind. We´ve been teaching them for a few weeks. The mom, Soraida and her 12 son, Benjamin are less active members and her 17 year old son Edwardo and husband Percy are not members. Edwardo is reading the Book of Mormon and wants to know more. When we got to the house, they invited us to help them to cook the food and eat with them. We couldn´t resist the offer... haha so, we cooked witht hem, and started eating. Elder Aguilar had previously put his USB in the tv, and during the dinner, the tv. turned on unexpectedly and started playing a video. We all looked around to see who had turned it on, but when we realized that the remote was on the other side of the room on the couch, we all looked in awe to see the video. It was about trials and how we need to keep pushing forward in hard times. The mom teared up as she said that she knows there´s a reason the television had turned on. 

Love you MOM and FAMILY and the pictures were beautiful except the fact that Ezra seriously should STOP growing!!!!! Please Ez, just until I get home. LOVE YOU ALL!!! 

Elder Jeffery 

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