Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Puñui Manta Kashanki

There are a million things that happened this week, and I do`t even know where to start honestly! Last Monday, our investigator, Edwardo was pondering about the book of mormon, and after honestly seeing many miracles that are happening in his life, and the testimonies he`s seen, still had doubts in his heart that this church is true. So, he opened the book of mormon and read 3 nephi 2:1. That did it for him, and decided to believe the Book of Mormon is true. When we had the next lesson with him, we challenged him to be baptized the 19th of September, and he said that he was going to say no, but in his head something started yelling, Si! Si! Si! so, he accepted! This week more than anything, my testimony of the Book of Mormon has increased. We have been visiting a man and his family for a while now, and were impressed to simply read with them from the begining the book of mormon. His name is Miguel Mamani, and his wife, Rosalina, son Jon, and daughter Melisa, all went to church this Sunday!! Woah, it was so Beautiful to see them there, and they have already made many friends with members. They have recently, 3 months ago, moved here to Calca, so they are excited to make friends. Yesterday, we had a heart touching experience. We were going up to some ruins with a member of the ward, along with four other Elders. She works up on the mountain above the ruins where there`s an elementry school of children who don`t have parents, or who have very little money. It`s amazing, and heart breaking. There`s a  12 year old girl at the school who cooks, and works in the field, feeding the animals for her two younger brothers. We ate breakfast with them, and played some games. We ended up staying there for a few hours doing a service project moving timber up the hill, and all grew to love these children. They said, ¨Come back for Christmas please!!!¨ They all speak Quechua, and most speak Spanish fluently. I`ll send a pic. The sad part of this week was that we had to change pensions. Sister Lady has been honestly such a blessing and such a great help to us as missionaries! But, we had to change pensions because we can`t pension with a young woman in the house hold, and we felt impressioned to accept the invitation that Sister Ana gave us to  pension in her house.

I am so thankful for the Gospel. It`s sad to see return missionaries here in Peru and surely in all parts of the world that return to their houses and become inactive. If we keep the Book of Mormon in our daily lives, and continue make an effort to live the precept that it teaches, our path to salvation will stay straight and narrow. I testify that the Book of Mormon is the word of God and like Joseph Smith, know that a man can grow closer to our savior Jesus Christ by living by it, than any other book. I love this church and love my family. I know WHY i`m on earth and WHERE I want to go thanks to the fullnes of the gopel that has been restored on this earth. LOVE YOU MOM

Elder Jeffery

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