Monday, August 17, 2015

Miracles Are Real

This whole week we have had the parades and parties of Calca. They`ll be going until Thursday, so this whole week has been hard to find people to teach, because everyone was in the town square. So, we went around to every member and investigator we could find. Today, a member that is working in the carnival, invited us to eat duck that she cooked. It was delicious! This week we were walking in the street when we ran into a kid walking with his pet monkey. That`s a first! I`ve seen people walking their pig, cow, and bull in the street, but first monkey!! We had to take advantage and take a picture. The other pic is with my old district. This change we are in a different district, so it`s sad to say good bye to my friends, but I`m excited to meet and get to know the new people in the new district! 

We have been praying and studying the sabbath day, trying to help investigators to come to church, and understand why it`s important. This week we had a lesson with Edson, and he expressed his concern about Sundays. I looked at him, and asked if he believes that miracles happen in the church of Jesus Christ. He said that he thinks so, but he`d never seen one. So, I told him that miracles are real, and promised him that God would give him the way to come to church if he had the courage to talk with his boss. The next day, he informed us that he would now not be working Sundays, and that it was permanent. I`m so excited for him, and now pray that he can have the same willingness to actually come to church and stay on the path toward eternal life! 

Pet Monkey 
Love you MOM and DAD and hope you save me some pretzels with m&m`s when I get back to the promised land, Bountiful. HAVE A GREAT WEEK!!! 
Thats A Llama

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