Monday, August 24, 2015

Thank you for brainwashing me into going on a mission!!

The New District 
I´m doing good! I love my companion and we get along SUPER well!! He reminds me a whole lot of Dalton so, yeah, we get along great!! I have plenty of water, don´t worry! Yeah, my pension is LDS and no, I usually go to one of the fifty barber shops around town. Here, you walk out of your house and have a little store with food and house supplies, you have a barber shop, and a restaurant! But, this week I went to my Pension´s mom´s house to cut my hair. She washes our clothes too. I told her how I wanted my hair cut, and we decided that when she opens up her barber shop she´ll name the hair style "Jeffery Fashion" 

We are happy to say that we have set a baptismal date for our Investigator Edson on September 14th!! And, we have been teaching an 18 year-old named Elvis who has had a hard life! His dad abandoned him when he was younger, and has had a group of friends who have lead him down a bad road. He was actually baptized a year ago, but never came to church to be confirmed. We visited him, and he doesn´t like to talk hardly at all, but he told us in the first lessons that he wants to change his life, and needs help. It´s funny because we works with the Branch President and his son, and return missionary, and they treat him like their son and brother. One time we asked him how he´s going reading his Book of Mormon, and he murmered, "I don´t know" and didn´t want to talk about it, saying he forgot to read, but when the Branch President, who has a lot of confidence with Elvis asked him about the book of mormon he said that he´s reading, so he asked what it talks about. Elvis said "It talks about Nephi. Nephi was a prophet." He´s came to church this week, and after we had a lesson with him. He said the closing prayer and in this prayer said quietly "God, I ask you that every day can be as beautiful as this Sunday has been" He as such a sweet heart, and am so excited for him to feel the healing power of the atonement work within him. We set the same date as Edson with him, September 14, but Elvis said he wanted to have his own baptism. So, we said we could do it the 19th of September, but he said that that´s too late, so we settled for the 15th.

This week, I was offered Cow Stomach, or maybe Lamb Stomach, I´m not sure... But, this time, we left before we could try it out... That´s a good and bad thing I guess. Let the Wadley Family know that they are in my prayers. I love you MOM and know this church is true also! Thank you for brainwashing me into going on a mission!! haha I was thinking about when I asked you before leaving if you had brainwashed me into doing this, and it just makes me laugh. I KNOW that I need to be here in Calca Peru to help others repent, and more than anything learn for myself what the atonement is learn how to trust God more in my life!! 

Have a great week and keep those crazy kids in school!!

Elder Jeffery

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