Monday, August 10, 2015

Interesting Buffet

This week I have eaten some pretty crazy stuff. It`s been aninteresting buffet. Some members invited me and my companion to some food in the street, so we accepted. We ate cow intestines and cow utter. Yes, that`s right, cow utter... It wasn`t my favorite. The next day, our pension gave us lomo saltado which is kinda like beef and brocoli but with tomatos and onion, but the beef was replaced this time with pure chicken liver. My companion loves it. I ate it as fast as I could to get it all down. We`ve been seeing our investigators that were progressing start to go astray as the investigators that haven`t been progressing start to progress. Edson didn`t come to church this week, nor did Edwardo. Edwardo, has been reading the book of mormon, and recieved the answer that it`s true! He read a passage that impacted him, and now he just has to find a way to come to church because he`s taking english classes in Cusco. We have been teaching a 17 year old named Elvis also who was baptized, but never confirmed and wants to take the lessons again. He attended this week, and we`re hoping to teach his family this week. We had a lesson with the Yuca Family, who recently started coming back to church. Mario Yuca the father, said that now that he`s back, he is willing to accept whichever calling the receives. He was called as the first counciler of the Elder`s qourem and gave the lesson in priesthood. He lives humbly on the mountain with his family, and works in the fields, but has so much love and confidence in the Lord. I love you all and know that I`m out here because of the example you have all given me. It`s amazing how much diferently you see the world when you start to see from your heart. The spirit guides us in even the smallest things, just trust in Him, even when it seems ridiculous. LOVE YOU MOM!!! 

Elder Jeffery
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