Monday, January 25, 2016

A Letter From The Brothers

Guess What? Um Um I got a wiggly tooth!!!!! and I got it on Thursday night. Do you have Banana Spiders in the Jungle. I still have a wiggly  tooth I don’t know when my tooth will come out; I have been waiting a long time for my teeth to fall out. I am excited. I heard Banana Spiders are poisons and if one bites you the first time then they  will complete send you to another mission that has no banana spiders in it. but if a banana spider bites you again you could die. so if you have them then you stay away from the banana spiders You could run from them do not bother them. I Love you and I don’t want you to get bit by a banana spider. 
give me some fin knoggen dude YOLO.
Love Ezra

Hi Ezy
Wow!! That`s so cool and crazy that you have a wiggly tooth!! Well, if we have banana spiders here I`ve never seen one, but if I do I will stay away from the banana spiders for sure! I have seen many BIG BUGS here! They are really cool!

Give me some fin knoggen dude YOLO


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