Monday, February 1, 2016

Machete To Cut Grass

Mom asked "are you drinking enough water if yes where does it come from?"

To answer your question, we do drink water here. There`s a buisness that sells water that we always call and they bring jugs of water to the room. We`ve called so many times that we just have to say that we`re the Elders and they know where to go. This week has been great. I haven`t seen the sun hardly at all, and it rains every day. On Sunday, it rained almost all day. We hadn`t brought rain coats so we were stuck waiting the rain to calm down in between appointments. Since we were always trapped in the people`s homes, they gave us food. On Sunday I ate two lunches and two dinners. I was so full! Today we decided to have a zone activity. We decided to have a water balloon fight and play a few water games. I rained harder than ever today. Since the rain is refreshing and warm it was still way fun. I`ll a picture. This week I learned how to cut the lawn with a machete. I am now very thankful for my lawn-mower at home. Even the had pushed lawn-mower is easier than using a machete to cut grass. But, it was a good learning experience and made me think how much we take these things for granted. 

In the mission we have been focusing a lot on searching for less-actives to help them and their non-member friends to come unto Christ. We were knocking on a door of a reference we`d received after having our lesson fall through, and no one seemed to answer. We got a little discouraged for not finding anyone home, but a little girl walked over to us and we started talking with her. We asked her if we could share a message about Jesus Christ with her family. She brought us to her house where we found her brother and mother their. They without even asking us who we were grabbed chairs and told us to sit down. We sat down and started talking with the family. The mother turned out to be one of the thousands of less actives here in Puerto Maldonado. She had stopped coming to church for about 20 years and had been assisting another church. We also went to find a teenager that`s been less active for a few years we knocked on the door and his older brother opened up the door. We talked with him for a bit at the door step and he said that he was busy, but that he would come to church that Sunday. We`d heard that one a million times and left him a card with our number and address of the church. On Sunday we walked into the chapel and there he was waiting for us to show up. He stayed for the classes also and is willing to keep learning more. It`s been a good week and we`re excited for Treicy who is the daughter of a less-active member who has been assisting church for a while. Treicy is getting baptized on the 13th of this month! Well, that`s all for this week. I love serving the Lord. I feel secure when I serve the Lord. When we keep the commandments, we feel secure and safe. I know it`s true and am very grateful to know where I`m going and why I`m truely here on Earth. I love my MOM and FAMILY!! Have a great week!!

Elder Jeffery

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