Monday, February 8, 2016

Nilda Uman Is Going On A Mission

I was filled with joy when I opened my email and saw that a certain family wrote me this week!! This is the email I received from the Uman Family this week:

hola como esta elder jeffery tambien le extrañamos un monton  nos sentimos tan felices al ver los mensajes .decirle q fuimos al templo como familia y contarle q la hermana uman servira en la mision SANTIAGO CHILE OESTE son muchas bendiciones q recibimos de nuestro Padre Celestial  nilda tendra q presentarse en el CCM de Chile el 30 de marzo . Le deseamos muchos exitos mas en la mision q usted esta sirviendo con mucho cariño la familia uman le queremos mucho.

Nilda Uman is going on a mission to Santiago Chile West mission!! Isn`t that SO GREAT!!! I am SO excited for her and their family! They live now in Quillabamba and are doing just great! I am over excited for them and the great decision that she has taken to serve a mission. 

This week, Samuel who recently got baptized (oh by the way I still need to send his pictures) blessed the sacrament. He has been inviting EVERY one to the restored gospel. At work, his family and even in the street. He`s eager to help others know the truth. We have been working with a less active member, Rocio and her daughter Treicy. Rocio has been coming to church every week with Treicy. Treicy will be baptized this week on Saturday! We are now focusing on Liz. Liz is doubting again if the church is true. We asked how she was doing reading the book of mormon. The truth is that she`s only read it a few times. So we put a goal with her to read every day. We are honestly doing everything we can so that she can read. It`s very important that she reads and prayes of the truth of the Book of Mormon. We will pass by every day that we can and if not call every day. 

The other day I had a cool experience that I`d like to share. We were teaching a less-active member that we eat luch with sometimes that is a great guy, but has many bad influences. He was talking about his life and his friends and when he got baptized. I was listening to what he was saying, and out of no where I felt to ask him if he had plans to move. He never had talked about that and I surprized myself as I said it, but I asked him and he said yes. He was thinking about it but hadn`t made a decision. A few days later his friend returned home from his mission, had a discussion with him and the both along with another return missionary decided to move together to Cusco to work and study. I hope that this decision he made will help him grow and his two friends can be good examples to him. 

I am SO thankful for this time I have to serve. It`s not very long at all, but it`s the time that the Lord has given me to prepare for my life and I want to be the best I can in this life. I love my family and I love you MOM! 

Elder Jeffery

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