Monday, February 29, 2016


Bueno, this week started off with us eating with a member named Diana because our pension is in Cusco for the week. Sister Diana gave us a reference of a friend of her´s since third grade. We went to visit her with Sister Diana. Her name is Caren and lives with her husband and son. She´s a doctor. She pretty much told us that she´s a Catholic by tradition and that she wants to come to Christ, and asked us to help her. OK, talk about prepared! Also, the other miracle is that THEY´RE MARRIED!!! It´s perfect! We are excited to start teaching them. This week has been great and a lot has happened but I don´t have a lot of time to write everything. This week I tried to testify more of Jesus Chirst. I ended up using his name or talking about the atonement in every topic or lesson that we taught. He is the center of our message and I know that through him we can be saved. He sacrificed his whole body, flesh and blood, for me. I can sacrifice two years, one day of the week, ten percent of my income, and much more for Him. I know that when I partake of the sacrament, I have time to think of that sacrifice He atoned for me, and I know that I have a lifetime to try to show Him how thankful I am for that sacrifice. I love my FAMILY and MOM and FRIENDS! 

Elder Jeffery 

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