Monday, February 15, 2016

Most Complicated Baptism Ever!!

Well, Samuel and Jannely are in the hospital right now and are waiting for their son to come into the world!! When they didn`t show up to church we were worried, and the found out that they were in their parent`s house getting ready for the baby! I`m so excited for them!! I was thinking what we could do for them to help them keep preparing for the temple. I remembered the jar we have in our dining room that we try to fill up so that we can go to Disneyland, but never have filled all the way. Elder Salazar and I decided to make one out of a plastic bucket. We gave it to them with a picture of the temple in Lima pasted on there. They are excited and have already set a date with the Branch President in December this year to be sealed as a family. 

This week we had the most complicated baptism ever!! We went to Treicy and Rocio`s house the day before the baptism to see if they were home. There was no sign of life, so we decided to pass by in the morning on Saturday because she didn`t answer her phone. Saturday morning, the Branch President called and said that we had to change the time of the baptism because there was a branch activity at four, so we had to change the baptism to 2 o clock. We to a mototaxi to Rocio`s house and found them there, telling them about the change of time. We then went to fill up the bapismal font. To our surprise.... there was no water. We called every district leader in Puerto Maldonado and every companionship, and found out that there was no water in all of Puerto! So, we tried to find a solution because the baptism would be starting in 2 hours. We went to eat lunch, and came back. When we came back, the water spout had been left open and water was finally coming out, but the water was very very dirty. You couldn`t even see the bottom!! The baptism would be starting in a few minutes, so we drained the font and filled it up again. We the second time it was cleaner, but still a yellow-ish color. So, we started the service and it turned out to be beautiful. We could feel the spirit in the baptismal service. 

This week is going to be a once in a life time opportunity. We will be having the privilage to have a conference with Elder Holland in Cusco. The whole mission will be traveling to Cusco for this amazing experience. 

LOVE YOU MOM and I`m glad to be a missionary. I am weak, but know that I can help people come unto Christ if I trust in God. Love you FAMILY AND FRIENDS. Have a great week!!

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