Monday, October 5, 2015

Obedience Helps Us To Be More United

 I`ve decided that General Conference is our semi-annual vacation for missionaries. It`s like going to a drive-in movie for us, but even better! I am so proud of my syblings, honestly. I love you all and smile when I hear of your accoplishments because you are the BEST family I could ask for!! 

I have gotten to know my companion better this week and have grown to love him. He wants to do what`s right and is humbley willing to change for the better. He woke me up the other day to do a work-out program that he has on his USB called insanity. I did some of it, but entered the shower a little early to get to breakfast on time. The next three days I was dead. I decided that I`d stick to my stretching, sit-ups and push-ups to wake me up. He`s from Lima. 

I`m this week that obedience helps us to be more united. It applies in a companionship, district, zone, mission, marriage, family, and any relation we can think of. Jesus Christ and His father are ´one´ in purpose and it was only possible because Jesus Chirst was Öbedient with exactness. So, I feel that I can share this with you and testify that we can become united with the ones we love if we are obedient to God and help others to become more obedient to Him. 

The Quispe Family are so humble and loving. I`m am excited for them! We had a family night where we talked about Tithing. We filled out tithing slips and did an activity to learn how to pay tithing. I asked them why they should pay tithing. The wife, Delfina, who doesn`t understand completely in Spanish simply said in Quechua that God said it, and we must obey. Today, I was sitting in the car to go to Cusco for the zone meeting. I looked over and casually started talking with the man next to me. He was going to Cusco to try to fix his tractor for his farm he has. I told him about who we are and what we do and that we wanted to visit him. He accepted and we offered to help him for an hour on the farm, and talk afterward about our message. We stopped talking for a bit, and I looked down at his hands, and thought about how his life is. I tried to ´see him through God`s eyes´ and thought that if I were him, I`d feel a need to know why I need to work all day and why I`m here working countless hours to finally one day get old and die. I realized how sad that could be to feel insecure about death without a firm purpose of life. I pulled out a pamphlet of the Plan of Salvation and asked him if he wants to know where he`s going after all these years of working in the field. He said he would and I told him there`s an answer in the pamphlet. I honestly don`t know if we`ll ever teach this man, or that he was touched by the words I spoke to him. He read a few pages in the car. I hope we can help him know God`s plan and more than anything am glad for the Holy Ghost that guides someone as weak as I to say the things that Jesus would. Not all will accept this message we have, nor will it reach all of their hearts, but it sure does reach mine, and that helps me understand why I`m here. 

Love you MOM and hope you have a great week!! Love you EVERYONE ELSE also! Until we meet again!!

Elder Jeffery

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