Monday, September 28, 2015

Red Moon + Missionaries = A whole lot of questions.

My new companion`s name is Elder Herrera. He is a single child and love to draw. We are super different in almost everything, but what I`ve learned in the mission is that God knows exactly who will help me reach my full potential, developing the correct attributes of Chirst slowly learning what He needs me to learn at this time. Elder Herrera has 1 year and 1/2 in the mission. He`s been everywhere in the mission. From literally the coldest hightest mountains of the mission, to the jungle. Our mission has every kind of climate possible, and I`ve stayed in pretty much normal climate the whole time. 

We`ve been visiting The Quispe Family and The Silva Family this week. Both families have been inactive for quite some time, and both families have been coming to church every week. They are both so humble and have a strong love for their families. Leonidus Quispe, the dad said that he had a strong thought come to his mind one night that he needed to return to the church. He woke up at 3am and prayed to His Father in Heaven. The next week, him, his wife, and four children came to church. The Silva Family had problems with other members in the branch, and for years didn`t come. Thanks to our loving Branch President and other members who came to visit the family with us, they felt the spirit, and have decided that they are not turning back. Cristian Quispe, who`s 11 years old, will be getting baptized with his 8 year old brother Alex in a few weeks. We have been praying a lot for Elvis. We all prayed as a zone that he could find new friends. Turns out that this week he had a fight with his friend, and ended up stop hanging out with the group. He wants to come to Seminary to find new friends. We are praying that he too can be prepared to be baptized the same day as Cristian and Alex. 

As I`m sure you all already know, the moon turned red yesterday. Red moon+missionaries= A whole lot of questions from random people in the street about the end of the world. One man came up to us with his video camera asking what our point of view was on the event.... Oh, and I drank the most delicious drink the other day! The Quispe Family made a hot drink with ground up peanuts fresh from the peanut farm? I don`t know how to translate Spanish to English, but it was super good! They heat up the peanut, taking off the hard shell, ground up the peanuts, melt them in the water with cinamon and sugar. You should try it out! 

I love you MOM and love how patient you and the family, ward, and everyone have been so patient with me all these years. Have a great week!!

Elder Jeffery 
Los Beatles Go To Church

welcome to Calca

Welcome to Calca

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