Monday, September 21, 2015

Eduardo`s Baptism

So, we had planned the baptism to be at three, so we sent out the invitation for 2;45 so that everyone would be on time. I think I gain a testimony this week of how badly satan DOESNT want people to get baptized. Eduardo`s aunt has cancer and got really sick these last few days. Eduardo`s mom was also in problems and Eduardo ended up getting to the chapel at 3;45. He wanted to wait for his mom to get there, and so we waited and at about 4;20 we started. It was going to rain also, but we prayed and it didn`t rain. I was full of a whole lot of stress with them not showing up, and with all of the baptismal preparations. I couldn`t concentrate and asked my companion for a blessing. Just a few hours before, my companion and I decided to sing a hymn for Eduardo in the program. I know that the song we sang was inspired. As we sang the beautiful words, I started to feel the spirit, and it calmed me before I entered the pool with Eduardo. 

SOOO, the news is sad, but true and very surprising! Elder Aguilar is leaving me!! He`s going to Huliacka!! It`s cold there, and in the branch he`s going to is, I believe, the smallest branch in the mission. For example, my friend was there, and was first councilor of the Branch President. So, i know he`ll learn a whole lot there and will do AMAZING. I am staying here in Calca, making it my fifth change here. This change I will have the same time I had in Cusco when I left. So, I have literally stayed in the Cusco region for my whole mission! I`m excited to get to know my new companion and learn so much from him. We can all learn something from those around us. EVERYONE has something to offer, and if we are humble we ALL have something to learn. 

I love you MOM and am glad to know that we are sealed in the temple as a family. Love you family and friends and hope you have  great week! 

Elder Jeffery

Eduardo`s Baptism

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