Monday, September 14, 2015

"I love the mission!!"

Edwardo is SO excited for his baptism, and so am I!! Thank you all for your many prayers, I know prayer works! Elvis has taken a hard turn, but we will have patience with him. It´s a huge change in friends, habits and beliefs when you join the church, so we´ll just keep helping him make those changes and set a different date for him. I will be there for his baptism. And, those shoes are from Equador from a friend in the mission, but my black shoes also are super small on me.... I have grown!! Wow, it´s crazy to think how many missionaries just from our neighborhood are out serving in the mission field. It makes me happy!!
This week we have been focusing on two less-active famies that haven´t come to church in a few years. The Quispe Family is one of them. They randomly showed up at church with their five kids. It was the first time I had seen them. The members all gave them hugs and welcomed them. We have been teaching them this week, and they came to church again this week. They are such a humble family. The other family is the Silva Family. They haven´t come to church in about two years because of a misunderstanding between them and another familiy in the branch. We came and visited them with the branch president and a few other members. They at first did NOT want to come to church at all. But, with the invitations of the members, their hearts were softened and they came to church this Sunday! It just shows how important and powerful of an influence the members of the church have with the love and attitude they show towards those that need a friend.
Today we came to Cusco to visit Mamicha and her family. I love them so much, and remember all of the great times I had here in Cusco. It seems like forever ago!! I don´t have much else to say but that I love serving the Lord. With obedience come the miracles. I love my MOM and my FAMILY! Have a great week! I love the mission!!
Elder Jeffery

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