Monday, October 12, 2015

The Lost Dog Miracle

Today we went to a waterfall near our house with two other elders in our district. 

We have been teaching a lady named Susana and her 11 year old daughter Analí for a few weeks now. They have been coming to church every Sunday, and even
came to general conference with us. Sisiter Susana worked in a restaurant all day every day and never had time to have a lesson, but decided out of the blue to move, and find a new job to have more free time. So, she took a very noble step and now is living in a humble room and working Monday to Friday. A man from a state in Peru called Ica moved here to Calca this week, came to church and said that he was preparing to be baptized. So, we are very excited for all of these people that I feel God has put in our hands to bring them to repentance.

The son of sister Gavina, the lady that washes our clothes, has recently moved here to Calca to live with the family. He`s a return missionary, but has stopped coming to church with his wife. So, we were talking with the family, and he mentioned that he`d lost his dog and asked if we`d seen it. We said no, and he said that if we`d find it, he`d come to church on Sunday. We laughed, and headed out. He told us the same thing the next day, and as we were walking down the street, we saw his dog enter into a store. We ran over to it and made sure it didn`t escape. We kept it busy eating crackers as we called Sister Gavina to tell her the news. Her son jumped out of his chair and ran down to the store. He came and gave his dog a big hug, instantly inviting us to ice cream, and bought dog food skipping towards the cash register. He looked at us with a big smile and said, ¨a promise is a promise Elders! I`m coming to church on Sunday!!¨ Him and his wife attended church yesterday and all of their sisters and mom bore their testimonies with joy filled tears, happy to have the family united at the chapel. 

Love you MOM and hope you have a great week with the family! I`m thankful for the gospel to help me keep a hope in Christ and know how and what to improve every day. THANK YOU for helping me all these years to make the decision that is changing my life here in the mission field. 

Elder Jeffery

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