Monday, December 7, 2015

I`ve Never Seen So Much Water Come Out Of A Cloud

This week was crazy! We taught many people, and many were very excited to come to church on Sunday. We have been focusing a lot on Samuel and Jannely who have planes to get married the 24th and Samuel baptized the 26th. They are expecting a son in February! We started their paperwork today. So, Sunday morning we were praying to leave the apartment and just as we were leaving it started to rain. We hopped in a taxi and it started to pour. I`ll tell you that I`ve never seen so much water come out of a cloud. It was amazing. We ran into Samuel and Jannely`s room and decided to call a taxi to bring us to the chapel. Good idea because as we all walked out of the room we saw reality. The whole road and pathway was completly flooded. There as lightning everywhere! We treaded through water almost up to our knees. It was priceless as we walked into the chapel soaking wet. There were only 35 who could make it to the chapel with the weather conditions. But Samuel and Jannely did it! Their first Sunday. If they could make it through all of that to get to church, I know they can do it when it`s hot.
Well, I`m happy to say that there`ll be rain this week in Puerto so that`s a lot better than the sun!! Love you MOM and hope you have another great week! Love you family and friends! l love it out here! It`s fun and fullfiling! 

Elder Jeffery

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