Monday, November 30, 2015

I´m Doing Great!

So, I´m doing great! This week has been full of spiritual experiences. I would like to start out with an experience we had in finding people to teach first. We were planning Thursday night, seeing what we were going to do at 2 in the afternoon. We had appointments for every hour but two and were thinking of where we could go. I love planning sessions because it truely testifies of the spirit. I know that the spirit illuminates our minds when we listen. We felt impressed to search for an investigator that the Elders before us were teaching but that had stopped coming to church, and we had honestly only heard of him. At two, on Friday, we went to his house. He was outside and we started talking. We ended up teaching him a lesson in the grass outside his house. When he offered the last prayer, he prayed thanking God for giving him another chance to come to Christ. We are working with a couple, Samuel and Jannely. Samuel isn´t a member, wants to get baptized and Jannely is less active. We went over to set goals to prepare them with marriage. We looked at the list of requirements and me and my companion decided that we know very little about how to prepare to be married. So, we called our ward mission leader. He came over and turns out he knows everything about getting married because he helped his daughter get married. It was perfect! Samuel and Jannely are excited! 

There are honesly so many more experiences this week that I want to share but the time doesn´t permit! Elder Salazar and I have grown to be great friends in this past week. We have plans and goals to help out our investigators and also the missionaries. I love having a companion that helps you in every moment. When you learn to love your companion you learn more about yourself. If you search the best in your companion, you find out you have a lot to improve! But that you have a great example by your side to help you! 

This Christmas is going to be amazing! I am SO excited to share the new video and contact cards of the church, ´´A Savior is Born´´ I have decided that we as missionaries are the star that guides the people. They as the wise men did will ´´regoice when the see the star´´ but will turn their thanks and gifts toward the true importance which is the baby in the manger, Christ the Lord. We guide, feel joy, and adore the Son of God together. We must be obedient so that others can follow us as members of His church! We must be the new stars in the sky that bring them to the manger. 

Love you MOM and FAMILY and FRIENDS and DAD!! Hope you had a great thanksgiving. I forgot that it was thanksgiving until an Elder reminded me at lunch time. Have a great week!!

Elder Jeffery
Elder Salsar

The River


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