Monday, November 2, 2015

Zone Leader Is Transferred

Sooooo, after much time in the wonderful land of Calca, I have been assigned to go to Puerto Maldanado!!! In other words, I`m going to the hottest jungle of the mission! And, I am nervous and excited! I have been humbled to know that I will be serving there as a zone leader. I have heard that the food there is very delicious and that the work there is rough. I`m excited to put my shoulder to the wheel! and most likely sweat a whole lot! 

I will miss all of the amazing members here in Calca. Leonidus baptized his two sons yesterday. It was going to be Saturday, but a few things occured and we had to post pone it to Sunday after church. It was so fullfilling to see a humble father perform his small part, and see God in the process. They were so humble to help clean up the pool and chapel afterwards, and without even mentioning, taking the baptismal clothing to their house to wash it. They brought bananas for all of the members who attended. I learn from them as I teach them. Their examples they have towards us and the members here is powerful. 

In the fast and testimony meeting I was asked to bless the bread and water. I was pondering on my life, and on the eternal plan. I started to feel how truely blessed we are to be in this world. As members gave their testimonies, I felt more and more blessed to have a body of flesh and bone. A body that is like my Father`s. And even still, he gave ME the opportunity to be born in HIS church. I simply prayed as I sat there. The branch president looked at me and gave me the nod to go up and share what was bottled up inside. I was scared what would come out. When I got up I just had to fight my emotions, but I simply talked to God up there on the stand. It wasn`t about me or the crowd or anyone else but Him. I won`t forget that wonderful Sabbath day. 

So, I`m off most likely tomorrow in bus to Puerto. My first trip in a tour bus! My first real trip in the mission! Sister Lady says thank you so much for the heat cool patches and I say thank you so much for the food and baseball and pictures! I love you MOM and FAMILY and FRIENDS. I ponder often what does the Lord see in me? Imperfect, impatient, sinner, me? He sees our potencial and knows our hearts. He loves us and gives us challanges and responsibilities to teach us lessons. He knows what we can do even we don`t think we can. We must do our small part, and he will do the rest. 

Elder Jeffery

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