Monday, November 16, 2015

The Fastest Week Of My Life

The time I`ve been in Puerto has honestly been the fastest week of my life. There are a million things to learn and a million things to do. I am so thankful to have an amazing companion, Elder Sosa. We get together very well. We`re always laughing learning and serving. It`s fun. Sadly, He`s ending his mission this Wednesday. I know we were supposed to be here at the same time. We have been working a lot with the leaders here in our branch. We also have been working with a few couples. The first are Samuel and Janeli. Janeli is a member, but hasn`t come to church in a few years. She got together with Samuel and they are expecting to have a kid in a few months. Samuel is super excited to join the church. We are also working with a non member family, Rafael and Pierina. The problem with the two couples is the same challange that we have with all of the couples here. They`re not married. So, we decided to set an appointment with the mayor. We want to see what we can do to cut the costs of getting married by doing service for the city or something so that all of these people get married! The people here are so friendly! I am praying that I can gain their confidence as Elder Sosa has done so well. Today we`re doing a farewell for him, watching a church movie with ice cream. Love you MOM! I wish I could write more experiences because there are so many miracle that happen every day! But, I`ll be sure to next week. We`ve got a lot to do and places to go before my companion returns home. Love you and thank you for honestly giving me the opportunity to live and enjoy the Gospel. 

Elder Jeffery 

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