Monday, November 9, 2015

FINALLY Arrived To Puerto Maldanado

Well, I FINALLY arrived to Puerto Maldanado on Saturday! It`s 12 hours away from Cusco! My companion came on Thursday because we had Leadership Council with President Harbertson. We did a really cool activity where we hiked up a mountain and they blind folded us. We had to walk on the edge of a cliff with just a rope to hold on to. There were many barriers. Trees blocking the way, direction changes in the rope and many people leading us astray in the path. One offered to help me with his hands. I was sitting there for what seemed like 10 minutes trying to find where the rope continued, so I finally just grabbed his hands to help me. He started laughing and pulled my blindfold off. I looked down to see a long more ways to the end of my journey. Many of us ended up letting go. It was hard! But, it taught us a lesson. I learned that we can truely only trust in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. There isn`t any council, therapy or religion that can replace it. It`s perfect and ALWAYS leads us to eternal life. We must hold on with two hands. If we`ve only one hand on the rope, just that much easier to let go. We`re going to do the same activity with the zone here on Wednesday when we have zone meeting. 

Yes, to answer your question it`s hot here. But, to be honest I`m fine. I haven`t complained once about the climate. It`s hot but it`s humid so I kind of like it. In Calca and Cusco it was dry and the sun burned me, here it`s like I`m in a sauna and tans me more than anything. It is weird at night because I don`t sleep with a blanket or anything. Just a sheet and a fan on my bed side. We study with fans, sleep with fans, and if you`re talking with someone in the room, you`re standing by a fan. Right now there are mangos falling from every tree. Our pension has a mango tree in her back yard. You walk outside, grab a mango and eat it. The food here is way good! It`s fresh and tastes different. We are in a branch here but there are about 100 who attend, so it`s bigger than Calca. We actually have a chapel with a baptismal font. My companion, Elder Sosa is a few weeks away from ending his mission. He is honestly such an amazing elder and has every intent to finish strong. I am very happy to be his companion. We are working with a whole lot of less-active members who are not married. That`s our challange is helping all of these people to get married. I`ve only been here for two days, but I`m excited to learn more! We live in an apartment with four other Elders who live next door to our room. I haven`t had much time to take pictures but I might have one to send. Next week I`ll have more information on how the work`s coming. 

Love you MOM and know that I`m doing GREAT here in the jungle. Love you FAMILY and FRIENDS!!!

Elder Jeffery

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