Sunday, December 28, 2014

Feliz Navidad!!

Well, this week was all over the place! I started out with having divisions with Elder Bird. We went and visited a man that we contacted in a taxi one day. He´s actually a member, and his wife has assisted the church once. They are awesome! The man´s name is Ricardo. We taught the restoration, and the wife told us she felt peace during the lesson. I pray we see progress with them. The Uman family are doing great, and love helping us find people to teach. So, don´t worry I´m fine, buttttt my ankle started to swell up this week after doing some gymnastics with Elder Bird. But don´t worry becasue I rested one day, and it´s totally fine! I love talking to Elder BIrd about college what it´s like. He was sick when I rested with my ankle, so we talked for a while about random things. He told me something interesting. He said every time you see the word Hope in the scriptures, replace it with Expect. I finished the Book of Mormon this week, and I´m starting it again. A little different this time though. THe PResident gave us Book of Mormons for Christmas, and this year he challenged us to write how every page relates to you. I´m reading and writing two pages every day to accomplish the goal of reading it. I also am reading the same amount in spanish every day to finish it in spanish also. We are helping an investigator named Richard remodel his house. Which means make a bathroom, floors, and everything. haha They invited us to each lunch with them after, and we had Cuy! This time around I didn´t kill or pluck the Guinea pig, but I did take all of it´s guts out!! I don´t have pictures this week sorry next week for sure! We have been focusing a lot on ''What can I give Jesus this Christmas?'' I want to give him Charity and Obedience. I encourage you to do the same. Do what He would actually want from you. Make him smile. We went to a Christmas Recital and it made me miss the plays and performances and programs of my syblings. I never realized how awesome those were until I didn´t have them!  I can´t wait to see you for Christmas! Honestly, best gift ever!!! Just so you know I´m going strong, and haven´t opened my presents yet. I´ve been trained well. I gotta say thought, I´ve never been more tempted to open! haha Love you all and have an amazing week!!! Merry Christmas!!! I hope you have snow!! I heard you don´t have any yet??! I can see one mountain wayyyyy high up with some snow. I stare at it at times. haha LOVE YOU ALLLLL 

Elder Jeffery

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