Monday, December 1, 2014

Last Week Of Training

So, to start off, We go to ruins about every p-day because there are honestly so many! We woke up at 5 this morning and went to a place called ´´Saqsaywaman´´ which is in Quechua the native language here. When you say the name though it literally sounds exactly like ´´sexy woman´´ haha I will have the pictures next week for you guys! This week was wayyyy fast!! Only one more week of my training!! It´s not for sure, but it´s most likely that I stay in the sector while Elder Matekel leaves for his short months left in the mission. I will miss my district of four. We are honestly all brothers. This week a few crazy cool and weird things happened. We went to a girl´s house to dedicate her house. She has been having weird dreams and been playing with some evil spirit kind of things. When I walked into the room I felt so weird. After, I just had an irre feeling, but prayed we could have the spirit. THe next house we went to was of some investigators, Fauni and Oswaldo that we contacted this last week. I felt the spirit strongly and we gave them blessings afterwards becasue they have been sick. On a less serious note, we met a drunk dude in the street that told us he was the reincarnated Adolf Hitler. He was born exactly one hundred years after Adolf and knows all the history of WW2. He asked us to join him...? haha crazy dude. We are SOOOO excited to have this wedding and baptism!! What a perfect way to end training!!! THe ward is helping set every thing up (which is a miracle here in peru) and hopefully it will be just perfect for them. Our investigator Maryuri who has a million doubts and always asks strange questions that she found on the internet, has had a change of heart. she told us that she wants to listen, and really try to find out in her heart if the church is true. It´s amazing what the gospel can do for you!! Love you all and will miss you at Thanksgiving!! 

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