Sunday, December 14, 2014

Learning and Faith

Hey! So this week has been full of learning and faith!! I have a new companion, Elder Bejar!! This is his last change, and I was really worried he´d be trunkie, but I remember one of the first things he said to me was that he doesn´t know the word trunkie!! I´ve been trying my hardest to be as obedient as I can this week becasue I need all the help I can get! haha I was nervous at first becasue I have to lead the sector, saying where and what we do through out the whole day, talk to everyone, and lead the lessons, but honestly, this has been suchhhh a blessing!! Names come to my mind, words to my mouth, and there´s hardly a moment where I feel lost. It´s been hard at times, but every time I feel frustrated, God has honestly given me a miracle or an event we can work with. I think I´ve learned what it´s really like to love your investigators this week. We don´t have a lot of investigators at the moment who are progressing, but we do have a woman and her kids who are very interested in the Gospel, and she even prayed and had a dream that she wants us to help her understand. The problem is her husband doesn´t want his family to have anything to do with us now, and she can´t take lessons anymore. Please pray for this family, they mean so much to me, and I know this woman, Fauni, is ready for the Gospel. These cards ´´He is the gift´´ I think that´s what they are called in English? haha but these cards for Christmas from the church and the video on youtube is such a teaching tool, and have been using it in almost every lesson. This Christmas I´m asking myself, ´´what gift can I give to Him?´´ I know serving a mission in this moment is the best thing for me and if I am more and more obedient, he will bless me. I love you Mom, and everyone who is reading this letter. Share what you know is true, and try to be like Christ, and if we do this, we have given him a gift already. He loves you and can change your life if you let him. 

Love, Elder Jeffery

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