Monday, December 15, 2014

"I felt like I was in a movie"

This week we did a some crazy fun service projects! The first one was like I was in a movie. A man came out of a member´s house with pick-axes for us. Next, we walked up the hills we usually climb, and got to a giant hill passed the city. We started to zig-zag across the rocky cliff, and finally ended up on the top of the hill, and could see literally all of cusco. There was a good sized chunk of dirt on a slant at the top. We started to till up up up. The man just took his shoes off and started to go up tilling the earth. He honestly looked like he was from a movie. I decdided to try to be like him and took my shoes off, but after one row I decided to go back to shoes because there was a ton of glass all over the ground haha I don´t know how he did it! The next day, we built a floor! First we laid out a bunch of rocks flat on the dirt, as a base. THen, you have to make the cement witht these metal bowls that you have to turn to mix the cement with the water, and then pour it on the rocks! It was pretty cool and fun to see! This week we haven´t had much success with investigators, and have a goal next week to help them to get to church, and challenge to baptism. We found two families, that are ready if they pray and start attending church. I have a pillow now!!! I sleep ten times better. Last week we had a dinner with president and did a white elephant. I got a satchel. I wrote a paper with everything I wanted to say but forgot it and I can{t think of anything else right now haha so, have a great weeek Love you and can´t wait to see all of you Christmas!! Ten days left!! WEnt by sooooo fast!!!

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